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What Services Can Museum Touch Screen Guide Offer to Visitors?

Museum touch screen introduces museum exhibits to visitors, including museum floor plans and exhibit introductions

Through the museum touch screen, visitors can view basic information about the museum, such as its name, construction reasons, development history, etc. They can also view panoramic maps or floor plans of the museum, exhibit annotations, and exhibit introductions, giving them a rough understanding of the museum's information and leaving a preliminary impression.

Museum touch screen introduces exhibits in multiple dimensions, including graphic, text, video, and audio forms

The main purpose of visitors to the museum is to see cultural relics or exhibits, so exhibit introductions are an important part of the touch screen system. This includes exhibit lists, various exhibit names, exhibit images/videos, exhibit text introductions, exhibit audio introductions, etc. The combination of visual and auditory language multi-dimensionally and comprehensively introduces exhibits to visitors, allowing them to deeply understand the exhibits and greatly improve their tourism satisfaction.

Museum touch screen recommends tour routes

On the touch screen guide machine, visitors can check the museum's recommended tour routes and exhibit browsing order, providing early answers to common questions such as "how to play" and "where to go first", and proactively serving visitors.

Information query services of the museum touch screen

In addition to questions like how to play and where to go first, visitors to any type of scenic area are also concerned about service facilities such as toilets, tourist centers, luggage storage points, parking lots, and food and lodging.

Through the LCD touch screen table and digital touch screen whiteboard, visitors can also see the labels and specific locations of these service facilities on the museum map, as well as exhibit entrances and exits and other information.

In addition to viewing, visitors can also inquire about how to get to these service facilities. For example, in the navigation system of the Museum Touch Screen, when a visitor selects a certain service facility on the museum map and chooses "go here", the route navigation will appear, telling visitors how to reach their destination and meeting their information query needs in a timely manner.

Museum touch screen recommends shopping for museum souvenirs and merchandise

In recent years, museums all over the world have actively developed cultural and creative products and commemorative souvenirs, and innovative designs have also attracted a lot of traffic and attention to the museum.  Carry is a touch screen kiosk manufacturer with custom selections.Some visitors even come to the museum just for its cultural and creative merchandise. Therefore, the touch screen guide machine of the museum also supports a specialty mall function of digital sigange displays that allows visitors to purchase cultural and creative merchandise or souvenirs online, making it simple and convenient.

Museum touch screen guide machines are not only suitable for museums, but also applicable to exhibition halls and other scenes.

As the popularity of touch screen guide machines is quite high, this form is no longer new to visitors. Visitors are more concerned about what services they can obtain through the touch screen and whether it can help them with their visit. Therefore, museum exhibits need to pay more attention to the content construction of the touch screen system to provide better customer service. Carry is a LCD company with many years on LCD white board. Inquiry now!