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Advantage of LCD Mirror Display

  • Human sensing function

    Human sensing function

    Smart wall mirrors can sense the arrival of people and automatically wake up the screen. If no user appears for a long time, it will automatically enter the sleep state and wait for wake-up

  • Intelligent recommendation video

    Intelligent recommendation video

    Automatically recommend news clips, entertainment, politics, military, finance, etc. According to user preferences and settings, a virtual dressing mirror can custom recommendations for you.

  • Multi user management

    Multi user management

    The user preferences of multiple users can be set at the same time. When different users log in, they can switch to their favorite state by clicking the order slightly to meet the needs of multiple family members.

  • Personalized application

    Personalized application

    The yoga mirror wall has the function of body scale and skin detection. Through the real-time monitoring of body weight, reasonable suggestions on fitness and weight loss are recommended. For personal skin conditions, it is recommended to use appropriate cosmetics. Personalized applications can also be customized according to customer needs.