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  • Smart Home Mirror Display
  • Smart Home Mirror Display
  • Smart Home Mirror Display
  • Smart Home Mirror Display
  • Smart Home Mirror Display
  • Smart Home Mirror Display
  • Smart Home Mirror Display
  • Smart Home Mirror Display
  • Smart Home Mirror Display
  • Smart Home Mirror Display

Smart Standing Mirror

The latest product, magic mirror smart home series, is the latest smart mirror LCD screen product developed by Carry. Smart wall mirror and smart floor mirror organically combines Android smart devices with traditional mirrors. It can realize the most appropriate functions of life on the smart mirror, such as touch function, music playing function, video news playing function, weather forecast, date, perpetual calendar, clock display, weight monitoring, skin detection, online video, etc, Add luster to customers' life. At the same time, it can realize the interaction and control of the Internet of things smart home, so that you can experience the real intelligent home life!


Smart Wall Mirror Features

1. Smart wall mirror has human body sensing function, which can sense the arrival of people and automatically wake up the screen. If no user appears for a long time, it will automatically enter the sleep state and wait for a wake-up

2. Smart wall mirror has intelligent recommendation video, automatically recommend news clips, entertainment, politics, military, finance, etc. according to users' preferences and settings.

3. Smart wall mirror has multi-user management, which can set the user preferences of multiple users at the same time. When different users log in, they can switch to their favorite state by clicking the order gently to meet the needs of multiple family members.

4. Smart wall mirror has personalized application. The product is equipped with body scale function and skin detection function. Through real-time weight monitoring, reasonable suggestions on fitness and weight loss are recommended. For personal skin conditions, it is recommended to use appropriate cosmetics. Personalized applications can also be customized according to customer needs.

5. Smart wall mirror has strong performance: the product adopts a four-core processor, 2GB memory, and 16g storage, which runs stably and quickly.

6. The whole series of products adopt 1980x1020 HD resolution.

7. This Smart wall mirror adopts 21.5-inch LG original display screen, capacitive touch screen, 10 touches, smooth and accurate.

Details of Smart Standing Mirror

  • Resolution 1920 * 1080

  • Display scale: 16:9

  • Input voltage AC DC 12V

  • Built-in speaker with box cavity, 2 * 4 Ω / 3W

  • Standby power consumption: 0.15w

  • Standby: 0.15W

  • Operating temperature - 10 ° C ~ 60 ° C

  • CPU a83t, arm cortex A7 quad-core, main frequency 1.5GHz

  • RAM 2GB DDR3

  • ROM 16GB eMMC

  • TP supports 10 touches the capacitive screen

  • Operating system Android 6.0

  • Wireless network Wi-Fi 802.1 B / g / n

  • Bluetooth supports Bluetooth 4.0

  • Languages multilingual

  • Multimedia support video: H.264 HP / MP / BP, MPEG 1 / 2 / 4, hevc, H.263 D1 / HP, etc

  • Audio: WAV, MP3, MP2, AAC, ape, FLAC, etc

  • Pictures: BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, etc

Application of Smart Standing Mirror

The Smart wall mirror is an ideal choice for the hotel lobby and bathroom, shopping center, administrative club, elevator, and restaurant.

FAQs Of Smart Home Mirror Display

  • Q

    Touch No Function or Abnormal

    A :

    Check whether the protective film is torn (static electricity will affect the touch)

    Is the shutdown and restart normal

    Check whether the power adapter is stable

    Can the USB mouse work? Restore the factory settings after it works

  • Q

    Wifi is Not Connected

    A :

    Check whether the WiFi network is valid and whether the input password is correct

    Turn off Bluetooth and reconnect

  • Q

    The Weather Forecast Doesn't Show

    A :

    Check whether the WiFi network or wired network can be connected to the external network normally. If the network is normal, whether it can be obtained after shutdown and restart; Try to open the mobile phone hotspot and connect the mobile phone WiFi hotspot to see whether the weather can be obtained

  • Q

    Human Induction Has No Effect

    A :

    Select the corresponding standby time under "Settings" - "advanced settings" - "standby time settings"; For example, the time is set to 5 minutes. When no person is detected to move an object within 5 minutes, the system enters the sleep state. At this time, when someone approaches, it can wake up automatically; If it cannot wake up, check whether the "human body sensing" switch is set on and whether the system processes sleep in the current state

  • Q

    Magic Mirror Cannot Install the Program, Which Indicates That There is Insufficient Internal Space, but the Application Software is Not Installed

    A :

    Restore the factory settings in settings - Advanced Settings - to restore the system to its initial state;

    Download firmware upgrade firmware with computer tools

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