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Education Interactive Market: Accelerating the Popularization of Interactive Panel for Classroom

2021 is a milestone turning point for the rise of interactive panel for classroom products in classrooms: the sales of interactive panels for classroom have become the absolute mainstay of the education interaction market, and their market share has exceeded 50% for the first time. Starting from this year, if education interaction brands cannot achieve success on interactive panels for classroom, it means they have lost their competitive ability to gain future market discourse power.

The market share of interactive panel for classroom has been growing rapidly in recent years

In the education interaction market, the market share of interactive panels for classroom was only 4% in 2017, but is expected to exceed 30% in 2021. In 2019 and 2020, they continuously broke through the threshold of 10% and 20% industry market share, showing a trend of "rapid development". The mainstream status of interactive panels for classroom as education interaction products is unshakable, mainly due to the maturity of LCD white board for classroom product technology and the reduction in costs.

From the perspective of interactive panel for classroom product technology, in recent years, with the accumulation of application cases, each link, such as component selection, anti-glare treatment, and on-site installation, has accumulated rich experience, and the early flaws in product experience have been basically overcome. As the application maturity continues to improve, classroom digital whiteboard have moved from being "conceptually advanced" to "more user-friendly," and have accelerated the conquest of users.

Interactive panel for classroom represents a new experience of "classroom multimedia"

For a long time, the mainstream "layout" pattern of classroom multimedia equipment was "adding an extra device outside the traditional blackboard," from the early days of simple display devices to the current dominant multimedia interactive whiteboard. This placement method either requires students to "turn their heads" or the "comfort" is not good, or it occupies the writing area of the traditional blackboard. If you don't use multimedia electronic devices, the obvious decrease in the capacity of the blackboard causes a great "blackboard writing dilemma."

The invention of interactive panels for classroom is to solve these problems. Interactive panels for classroom achieve:

  • Full integration with the traditional blackboard without occupying extra space;

  • Full deployment in front of the classroom, especially the electronic screen is located at the center of the classroom, providing the best viewing angle for students;

  • The electronic screen can be used for "electronic writing and interaction" as well as satisfy the traditional blackboard-style writing needs when turned off. Interactive panels for classroom have all the advantages and functions of a traditional blackboard and the advantages and functions of electronic multimedia interaction devices, with the only downside being an increase in cost.

However, many users still find the increase in cost worth it due to the improvement in efficiency and experience. This is also the real reason why interactive panels for classroom have accelerated their large-scale popularity in the past three years-because digital display screens for schools is really more user-friendly!

In conclusion, the rapid development of digital sigange displays is based on significant "application advantages". As the ultimate evolution solution of classroom multimedia technology from Carry LCD company, interactive panel for classroom is playing an increasingly important role in the smart teaching revolution. Especially, with the further popularization of "electronic" teaching content in the future and the continuous increase in the proportion of multimedia application and interaction experience in teaching, the "necessity and experience advantages" of interactive panel for classroom will further expand.