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Digital Signage for Transportation

The transport sector was one of the first industries where Digital Signage really took off. With a large number of passengers all looking for information, Digital Signage screens are now a must-have in any transport hub. From bus stations to train stations to airports, real-time information is essential to keep the flow of passengers through the public transport interchanges.

LED and LCD display providing travelers with the most up-to-date information is what will keep them moving swiftly onto their final destination. Displaying the arrival/departures is the best way to inform passengers where and when they should be to catch their means of transport. Of course delays, emergencies and cancellations can occur too. With real-time updates news of these events can be spread far and wide so customers can be kept up to date. Wall mounted digital display screen is also a good opportunity to inform viewers of information they may like to know such as the nearest hotels or the liquid allowances for baggage on flights.

Bus Digital Signage

Digital Signage is there to optimize the experience for those traveling, but it can also help generate income for transport hubs themselves, for example with a Freestanding Outdoor Advertising Display you can sell a lot more advertising space if placed in areas with a lot of footfall compared with static print signage. With many retail and food concession stands available within the same building as transport Digital Signage is a natural fit to cross-promote each other. The advertising possibilities are limitless within environments like this.

Where transport and Digital Signage is heading is towards a more automated system. This will require touch screen kiosk display to facilitate this. With self-service ticketing machines and self-service check in kiosks are going to become a must-have in any transport environment. Only the best commercial-grade Touch Screens that use either PCAP or Infrared would be suitable in environments like this.