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Control Room Video Wall

Whether it is national security, airport security, computer security or retail loss prevention, CCTV control room video wall is very important in our daily life. Carry CCTV control room video wall's high-resolution display technology enables your operation team to have a clear insight into the overall situation at a glance. Our image processing and content management solutions of video wall cctv control room can share all information sources, enabling operators to find and take action against budding security risks.

Carry video wall CCTV control room has a good reputation for designing, manufacturing and delivering indoor video wall solutions, with the flexibility and reliability required for 24 / 7 monitoring. Our high-performance CCTV control room video wall solutions:

*Video wall CCTV control room integrate with your existing hardware and software infrastructure, allowing you to obtain and analyze real-time video from multiple formats of input, and make informed decisions with confidence even in emergencies;

*Video wall CCTV control room provide your staff with an ergonomic working environment so that they can analyze information and make decisions;

*The components have a long service life, low maintenance cost and reliable operation.

We provide high-performance indoor lcd display solutions and integrated content and image processing solutions for various applications. Welcome to contact us and let us help you choose the right video wall CCTV control room solution.