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  • Outdoor Floor Stand LCD Displays
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  • Outdoor Floor Stand LCD Displays
  • 65''-Outdoor-Totem-1.jpg
  • 65''-Outdoor-Totem-2.jpg
  • 65''-Outdoor-Totem-3.jpg
  • 65''-Outdoor-Totem-4.jpg
  • 65''-Outdoor-Totem.jpg

Outdoor Floor Stand LCD Displays

All-weather outdoor kiosk stand is a full-sun environment sunlight readable LCD monitors that allow you to view the display under the sunlight. The outdoor LCD monitor are with brightness levels ranging from 1500nits to 2500nits, these are available in a wide range of monitor sizes from 32inch to 86inch with resolution of 1920*1080, it also features a wireless input, 4*10W speakers and operating temperature from 5 to 125F. Whether it will be used for digital signage, walkway advertising and outdoor digital display delivers reliable performance and can withstand any climate conditions. The outdoor large touch screen kiosk model is designed to withstand the elements and perform like a champ season after season.


Features of Outdoor Floor Stand LCD Displays

1. Full range of outdoor LED LCD display from 32inch to 86inch

2. Touch screen is 10-point PCAP foil touch

3. Ventilation can be with Air conditioner or Air cooling fan

4. Sytem can be Ubantu, Linux, Windows, Android, USB

5. Brighntess of 2000cd/m2 with brightness sensor

6. Can be inbuilt with 3G/4G/5G, bluetooth, Camera

7. Double screen digital stand on option.

8. Termal control cooling system with fans or air condtioner

Works of Outdoor Floor Stand LCD Displays

Digital signage is a new generation of intelligent commercial display screens that uses standard LCD and LCD TV to realize information display and video advertising through networking and multimedia system control. Its management system mainly adopts central server and client mode, and Ethernet (TCP / IP) to realize information dissemination.

Details of Outdoor Floor Stand LCD Displays

  • Application:Outdoor

  • Panel Size:42 inch 50 inch 55inch

  • Max Resolution:1280 * 1024

  • Viewing Angle:80 degrees up / down, 80 degrees left / right

  • Pixel Pitch:0.297 mm

  • Color:8Bit, 16.7 M Colors

  • Contrast Ratio:550:1

  • Brightness:450cd/m2

  • Response Time:6ms

  • Name:LCD Tablet Kiosk

  • Screen size:42 50 55 inch

  • Display:TFT-LCD

  • CPU:Intel I3 motherboard / Intel Celeron motherboard 1037U

  • Memory:DDR4G

  • Hard disk:500G

  • Card reader:Magnetic card reader / IC /ID card reader

  • Temperature:0 ~ +35℃

  • Humidity:40%~80%

  • Power Supply:110-220 VAC,50/60Hz

Application of Outdoor Floor Stand LCD Displays

As a classic style, outdoor floor LCD has strong vitality. It can easily meet the application needs and is widely used in retail, finance, enterprises, transportation, medical treatment, education and other industries.

FAQs Of Outdoor Floor Stand LCD Displays

  • Q

    Is There a High Brightness Screen with Anti Reflective Glass and Automatic Light Sensor?

    A :

    With a powerful high brightness of 2500-3000nits, Our outdoor lcd screen display panel can greatly provide clear content and attract the attention of passers-by. With Screen with Anti-Reflective Glass and built-in Automatic Light Sensor,  which can display the content to the maximum extent even when it's under the sunlight or the darknesss

  • Q

    Can I Customize It?

    A :

    Non-standard solutions you need, Our R&D team can provide you with strong customization digital signage display solutions, such as customized for your own logo; customized products in your mind; as well as an integrated camera or touch screen upgrade or add 4G module you prefer.

  • Q

    What Are the Advantages of Outdoor Digital Signage Software?

    A :

    *Multiple layout

    Supports videos, pictures, music, weather, text, etc., and customizes split-screen playback content.

    ü  Online upgrade

    One-click upgrade firmware

    ü  Long distance control

    Cloud-based remote monitoring intelligent system

    ü  Localized server

    Build a local server to protect information privacy

    ü  Advanced diagnostics monitoring system

    The advanced diagnostics system of outdoor digital signage display able to monitor data coming from the electronics board, media player, digital temperature sensors, humidity sensor, fans functions, ventilation and external light sensor (optical sensor) in order to control the operating status of the enclosure

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