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Supermarket Digital Signage System: Improving Customers' Shopping Experience

Digital signage is a new media concept, which is generally used in shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, shopping centers, airports and other places with relatively large traffic. The demand for digital signage in the market is very large, especially for commercial use.

1. Supermarket digital signage system can enhance customers' sense of experience

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to the experience and feeling of the consumption process. Supermarket digital signage system can be used to enhance customers' shopping experience and improve the effectiveness of communication with customers.

In the past, supermarkets generally used static signage to make promotional posters for products, but its attraction can not be compared with digital signage. LCD video wall display  and lcd poster display have more diverse display forms, richer video display information and more emotional resonance of customers.

Supermarket digital signage screens can be placed in supermarket aisles, elevator entrances and places with large passenger flow in each cargo zone to display commodity discounts and holiday promotions, attract customers' attention in the form of pictures and texts or videos, and then LCD digital signage guide and affect customers' purchase behavior.

At the shopping checkout counter, the indoor digital signage helps to realize cross selling, displaying specific goods or promotions according to season and time. For example, a large number of beer shows or promotions on Friday night, and special prices of fruits and vegetables on Wednesday morning. It can not only alleviate the anxiety of customers' waiting time, but also create sales opportunities.

2. The supermarket digital signage system can enhance the turnover

Relevant surveys show that the digital signage system can increase supermarket turnover by 10% to 50%. Therefore, building a digital signage marketing platform with promotion as the essence in the supermarket is a business model with strong vitality.

Supermarket digital signage can be used as electronic price tag on commercial digital display in real time and dynamically. For example, in the fruit and vegetable area of the supermarket, there are a large number of products. Fruits and vegetables have a fresh-keeping cycle. They are frequently removed from the shelf, and the price will change with it. Even the price of a product will change many times in a morning. The problem is that the price tag needs to be modified frequently, which consumes manpower and material resources every day.

Using the digital signage as the electronic price tag can solve this problem. The supermarket digital signage system can connect with the commodity data of the supermarket ERP system, call the product price and display it on the screen of the fruit and vegetable area in real time. There is no need to change the price manually. When the commodity price of the ERP system changes, the price on the digital signage screen will also change in real time.

For chain supermarkets, LED LCD display system can effectively solve the problem of consistent information transmission in all stores. The digital signage system can uniformly control the screen display of all chain stores, and can also be controlled in groups. It is divided into screen group control in different areas such as shopping checkout area, fresh area and vegetable area, and different multimedia information is displayed in groups.

Supermarket digital signage can be easily managed and modified. A variety of playout strategies can be set. You can create a playlist in advance to play on a specified date and automatic play or loop play. If there is a temporary message that needs to be interrupted, you can also set a temporary emergency play.

In the future, digital signage can also display targeted product information through AI face recognition. When a customer approaches the display screen, the digital signage system learns the customer's shopping preferences through past shopping history, and displays the products or promotions that are of interest to the customer.

If a customer stands in front of a pile of zucchini, the supermarket digital signage will automatically recognize it, showing the product information of the zucchini, where it is produced, nutritional value, and menu recommendations. Digital signage will create a unique shopping experience for every customer.

Digital signage is not only an effective tool to increase supermarket turnover, but in the long run, it can improve customer shopping experience, create added value for shopping and increase customer loyalty.