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How can Intelligent Whiteboards Enhance Classroom Intelligence?

With the maturation of touch technology, touch teaching all-in-one machines used in schools are also starting to use touch technology, in addition to intelligent phones, tablets, and computers. Undeniably, intelligent products do bring great convenience to teaching. So, how can digtal screen board for teaching make teaching more intelligent? Let Carry LCD company give you some examples.

Complex tools and algorithms of intelligent whiteboard

Although intelligent whiteboards do not look different in their appearance, different brands and models have different functions. In the early days, the teaching touch screen all-in-one machine had poor display technology, making it unrecognizable when the screen was in the black state, and complex tools were needed to achieve corresponding functions.

Some teaching touch all-in-one machines can recognize documents such as Word, PDF, and Excel, and can directly modify, edit, and delete them.

Generally speaking, the development of teaching operating systems is relatively complex, requiring individual control code writing, according to programming instructions to convert into control codes, and complex algorithms.

LCD white board is touch all-in-one machines that integrate computers, tablets, screens, whiteboards, audio, and projectors. Even when the screen is in the black state, it can be quickly awakened. Built-in ten-point touch technology of multimedia interactive whiteboard can realize multi-person interaction at the same time, and the touch response is sensitive. Touch technology and intelligent teaching can be realized without complex tools.

High technology of intelligent whiteboard

Because the explanation of some codes is relatively complex, it is not conducive to human-computer interaction. If traditional data collection methods are used, there are disadvantages such as heavy server loads, insufficient bandwidth, and delays.

Therefore, digital display screens for schools generally adopt data collection methods with high technology, fast speed, and low power consumption to make data run faster, facilitate human-computer interaction, and improve teaching effectiveness and efficiency.

Simple operation of intelligent whiteboard

The setting of the digital screen board for teaching is simple, similar to the operation of a touch screen phone. Users can upload and download materials, install different software, etc. The touch teaching all-in-one machine is built in with a massive amount of teaching resources, including ancient poems, animation, interactive games, word recognition, object recognition, children's songs, etc., which can be directly used by teachers.

At the same time, interactive teaching can enhance children's learning interests and can also excavate their talents and interests. Some of these built-in teaching resources belong to the teaching content of interest classes, which can reduce the economic burden of parents, while also enhancing various abilities of preschoolers.

The preschool smart board whiteboard itself is used to assist school teaching, and it can only meet the requirements of modern teaching by becoming more intelligent. The massive teaching resources built into the digital sigange displays can meet teaching needs. At the same time, multi-person interaction can be realized through ten-point touch technology. By using animation, stories, graffiti, drawing, ancient poems, children's songs, interactive games, and interactive quizzes, preschoolers' intelligence can be developed while enhancing their interest in active learning and cultivating their interests and hobbies.