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Function and System Composition of LCD Board for Teaching

Ⅰ. Functions of the LCD board for teaching

1. Replace the content display function of the projection screen

The size of the liquid crystal display panel for teaching is generally similar to that of a blackboard or an ordinary projector screen. Information from the projector.

2. Ordinary whiteboard function

Teachers can write on the lcd whiteboard with several matching color sensor pens, and when it needs to be modified, they only need to erase it with the attached physical eraser.

3. Interactive control function

When the electronic board for teaching is used in conjunction with a computer and a projector, the screen panel and the sensor pen become an easy-to-use touch screen, virtual keyboard and mouse, which can perform real-time interactive control operations with the computer, such as using the virtual keyboard to input text And numbers, the sensor pen is used as a mouse, which can be controlled by single-click, double-click, right-click, drag and drop, and move.

4. Record storage function

When using the sensor pen to directly write, draw, modify, erase, and mark on the whiteboard, all the content on the whiteboard can be displayed synchronously and stored on the computer for later use, and the attached electronic eraser board can also be used to erase notes. After class, the contents of blackboard writing stored in the computer can be printed out and distributed to students, reducing the burden of students taking notes.

5. Resource library function

The application software of the portable lcd digital signage and indoor lcd advertising display has a powerful resource library function, which is rich in content, can be added or deleted at will, can increase the amount of classroom information, and overcome the highly solidified structure of teaching materials using courseware and slides in the environment of multimedia projection systems. question.

Ⅱ. Composition of interactive electronic whiteboard system

The interactive electronic whiteboard system is mainly composed of hardware and software. The hardware includes electronic whiteboards, computers and projection equipment, as well as other external auxiliary equipment (such as sensor pens, voting devices, wireless writing boards, etc.). The software is mainly courseware made for different teaching environments and requirements. The interactive electronic whiteboard is a media combination with computer software and hardware as the core and featuring a large-scale interactive display interface.

The interactive whiteboard is the main body of the system. It is the interface for the writing and operation of the mouse pen, and continuously collects the position and movement information of the mouse pen, and transmits it to the computer through the cable, and it also acts as the screen of the projector.

The computer system installed with whiteboard software is responsible for calculating and processing the incoming electronic pen position and motion signals, converting them into operations on computer programs and internal objects, and converting the calculation results into computer graphics interfaces, and then sending video signals to the projector machine.

Finally, the computer graphics interface is projected on the interactive whiteboard by the projector for sharing by more people. In addition to hardware, related software is also an integral part of the interactive whiteboard system.