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  • wall mounted digital signage 1
  • wall mounted digital signage 2
  • wall mounted digital signage 3
  • wall mounted digital signage 4
  • wall mounted digital signage 5

Wall Mounted Digital Signage

Wall mounted digital display screen is a multimedia professional audio-visual system that can publish commercial, financial and entertainment information through large screen terminal display equipment. Wall digital signage combines the advantages of durable material, high brightness, high contrast and high definition. Because of its fashionable appearance and powerful function, elevator digital signage has been favored by consumers. Wall mounted LCD display should be widely used in family entertainment, shopping malls, supermarkets, Hotel lobbies, restaurants, cinemas and other public places where people converge. We have 55 inch video wall and elevator lcd display and more custom selections.


Other Wall Mounted Digital Signage Options:

Features of Wall Mounted Digital Signage

1. Narrow bezel and modern design

2. Auto-cyclic playback, remote control to split-screen

3.10-point touch&gesture control

4. Anti-strong light, anti-shielding, anti-distortion

5. Toughened anti-glare glass

6. LED LCD screen with Smart Rotating Picture and video

Application of Wall Mounted Digital Signage

1. Public places: advertising screens for sale covering bookstore, exhibition hall, gymnasium, museum, meeting center, talent market, etc.;

2. Entertainment leisure: cinema, gym, resort, entertainment, foot bath, KTV bar, beauty salon, golf course, etc.;

3. Commercial organizations: western restaurants, fast food restaurants, shopping malls, chain stores, 4 s stores, specialty stores, star hotels, travel agencies, pharmacies, gambling sale points, etc.;

4. Financial institutions: Banks, securities, insurance companies, pawnshops etc.;

5. Industrial place: process control, food processing equipment, mechanical control, office automation equipment, automated testing, detection equipment of the vehicle, etc.;

6. Transport place: the car equipment, processing of stuff, digital signage for transportation, etc.;

7. Medical place: medical instrument, patient monitoring system, medical equipment, research instrument, etc.

Works of Wall Mounted Digital Signage

Digital signage is a new generation of indoor LCD display that uses standard LCD and LCD TV to realize information display and video advertising through networking and multimedia system control. Its management system mainly adopts central server and client mode, and Ethernet (TCP / IP) to realize information dissemination.

Details of Wall Mounted Digital Signage

  • Touch-type: infrared touch

  • Type: TFT

  • Application: Indoor or outdoor

  • Max Resolution: 1920*1080

  • Viewing Angle: 178°/178°

  • Color: 16.7m

  • Contrast Ratio: 1100:1

  • Brightness: 400cd/㎡

  • Response Time: <10ms

  • Input Voltage: 110-240V AC 50/60Hz

  • Body Material: tempered glass and metal case (aluminum edge)

  • Decorative Surface Box: tempered glass

FAQs Of Wall Mounted Digital Signage

  • Q

    The Wall Mounted Digital Signage Environment is Relatively Dry

    A :

    The advertising machine should not be temporarily placed in a humid environment. Since many TVs are not waterproof, the position of the advertising device too close to moisture will damage the TV.

  • Q

    The Bearing Wall for Wall Mounted Digital Signage Must Be Strong

    A :

    Consumers must install wall-mounted digital signs on high-strength walls such as solid brick and concrete.Assuming that the device must be installed on a thick wall or wooden decorative surface, reinforcement and support measures must be taken first.In addition, the surface of the device shall be guaranteed to be not less than 4 times the actual weight of the wall-mounted advertising machine, and the device shall not be dumped when the device is tilted back and forth by 10°.

  • Q

    Choose High Quality Bracket for Wall Mounted Digital Signage

    A :

    It is important to choose a suitable wall-mounted advertising rack.First of all, to clarify the classification of the bracket, the current bracket is mainly divided into adjustable angle bracket and fixed angle bracket.

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