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What are the installation methods of commercial LED display screen?

Ⅰ. Wall mounting of commercial LED display screen

In fact, wall mounted installation can be subdivided into multiple installation forms, such as joint screen horizontal hanging, joint screen vertical hanging, single screen horizontal/vertical hanging, etc. It is mainly selected according to the installation environment and the actual application needs of users, and its advantages and disadvantages are also obvious.

1. Installation advantages

① The wall mounted digital signage is convenient and simple, and it can be easily installed through the standard wall mount.

② The indoor digital signage displays maintenance is also simple. You only need to disassemble it for later maintenance.

2. Inadequacies

① The installation environment is limited. Support the installation of cement wall, concrete and other ordinary walls. Such as marble, glass wall, veneer and other non load-bearing walls are difficult to install.

② It can not be integrated with the wall. It will still occupy a certain space.

Ⅱ. Embedded installation of commercial LED display screen

Embedded installation is also an installation method that users choose more. Whether applied to luxury jewelry stores or scenes such as exhibition halls, corridors, embedded installation of LED LCD screen can bring good visual effects without occupying additional scene space.

1. Installation advantages:

① More perfect integration with the wall and more unified vision.

② Clean, all the cumbersome cables are hidden behind.

③ The embedded installation environment of commercial digital signage is limited. Whether it is a load-bearing wall or a non load-bearing wall, or the thickness of the wall, it can be installed under normal circumstances.

2. Disadvantages:

① Signs are relatively difficult to dissipate heat.

② Later changes/maintenance are more troublesome.

Ⅲ. Hoisting of commercial LED display screen

Compared with wall mounted and embedded installation, fewer users choose to lift. Moreover, the lifting form has higher requirements for scenes, and will be applied to high-end luxury counters, financial banks and other scenes in most cases.

1. Installation advantages

① Fashionable and simple, eye-catching, which can fully improve the grade of counter stores.

② The installation environment of commercial LED display screen is limited, and there is no requirement for the wall.

③ The maintenance is simple. It only needs to be disassembled for later maintenance.

2. Disadvantages

It has higher requirements for products. At present, only digital signs, double-sided screens, lcd poster display and strip screens support hoisting.

Ⅳ. Mobile cart installation of commercial LED display screen

Generally, when the above installation environment cannot be met, or users have their own special needs, mobile carts can be equipped for installation.

1. Installation advantages

① It is flexible and can display information without being limited to a certain place.

② The installation environment of commercial LED display screen is limited and does not need to be based on the wall environment.

③ The maintenance is simple, and the product can be maintained in the later stage only by dismantling it.

2. Disadvantages

It will occupy a certain space.