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How to Make the Touch Screen Information Kiosk in the Shopping Center Stand Out?

In crowded malls, where stores and display billboards are abundant, touchscreen kiosks may not always stand out. Here are some best practices for installing touchscreen kiosks in shopping centers from Carry touch screen kiosk factory.

1. The location of the touch screen information kiosk

Touch screen information all-in-one machine billboards should be placed in areas that encounter excessive passenger flow and long-term residence (food street). The information gap between shoppers and brands should be cleared. Brands should make sure to communicate at key moments when customers shop. When the media continues to repeat product selling points, it is when consumer brand choices are strongly influenced.

2. The content played by the touch screen information kiosk

Produce content that is relevant and useful to consumers. At the same time, your content should keep shoppers engaged and entertained to enjoy the mall experience. Don't just focus on advertising; provide information on mall news and other editorial content.

Short programs like quizzes, promotional videos, "how to" videos, current weather, horoscopes, city news, and more will keep customers on screen longer. Target specific content to different audiences based on the demographics of the mall.

3. Statistics of customer characteristics of touch screen information kiosk

Know who's in the mall when. In most cases, the elderly go shopping more in the morning. Noon is usually middle-aged. At night, the children are more visible in the mall. Obtaining this information can accurately locate the content played on your portable digital poster.

4. Large shopping mall navigation of touch screen information kiosk

Especially for large shopping malls, LCD touch screens are used to help customers navigate around the store and share news about shopping mall offers, which is more user-friendly, improves conversion rates, and allows customers to purchase goods in less time.

5. Interactive design of touch screen information kiosk

Create fun experiences for customers. For example, an LCD digital signage promoting a movie can easily take a photo of a customer and edit that photo into a movie poster.

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