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In-depth Analysis of the Difference Between Outdoor Advertising Screens and Indoor Advertising Screens

Advertising screen is a new generation of intelligent equipment. It forms a complete advertising and information broadcast control system through terminal software control, network information transmission and multimedia terminal display. materials for advertising or information dissemination.

According to different application scenarios, advertising screens for sale are divided into outdoor advertising screens and indoor advertising screens. So, what are the significant differences between these two LCD advertising screens in different application scenarios?

Now let's conduct an in-depth analysis of these two types of LED and LCD displays, and see what are the significant differences in terms of appearance and main performance.

Ⅰ. The appearance difference between outdoor advertising screen and indoor advertising screen

1. Difference between volume and weight

Due to the needs of outdoor protection, the frame loaded on the same size screen is larger, thicker and heavier than the indoor advertising screen.

Taking the 55-inch LCD wall-mounted advertising screen as an example, the bare metal size of the indoor advertising screen is 1235mmX727mmx54㎜, and the net weight is 22kg, while the bare metal size of the outdoor advertising screen is 1420mmX858mmX200mm, and the net weight is even 10kg.  For more wall mounted digital signage at wholesale price.

2. The difference between the frame surface paint

The appearance of the indoor LCD advertising screen has metal wire drawing, glass screen printing, and the surface paint is more delicate, while the outdoor digital display screen is made of thicker galvanized steel plate, generally 1.2 or 1.5 mm, covered with zinc as a primer, and then sprayed with special outdoor powder, For anti-corrosion, the surface is rougher than the indoor unit.

Ⅱ. The configuration and performance difference between outdoor advertising screen and indoor advertising screen

1. The difference between the display

The brightness of the indoor LCD advertising screen is generally 350cd/㎡, the brightness of the semi-outdoor LCD advertising screen is generally 70cd/㎡, and the brightness of the full outdoor LCD advertising screen is above 1000-1500cd/㎡, and the maximum brightness is 2500cd/㎡. There are also high brightness LCD display.

2. lP protection level difference

IP (INGRESs PROTECTION) is the protection level system. The IP protection level is composed of two numbers. The first number represents the level of dustproof and foreign objects prevention of electrical appliances (the foreign objects referred to here include tools, human fingers, etc. The second number indicates the degree of airtightness of the electrical appliance against moisture and water immersion. The larger the number, the higher the protection level.

The IP level of indoor LCD advertising screens is low and generally not marked, while the protection level of outdoor advertising screens is higher, and the protection level is generally emphasized and marked. For example, the IP levels of Carry Display outdoor advertising screens are IP55 and IP65 The highest level of protection level, that is, the shell structure is designed with a special waterproof groove and a waterproof maze for the inlet and outlet air holes to achieve a waterproof level of 5. In terms of dustproof, the air inlet and outlet are designed with a special dustproof filter (medium-efficiency dustproof filter), filtering air dust, and prevent mosquitoes from entering the inside of the machine, the dust can reach 5-6 dustproof level.

3. The difference between maintenance and anti-theft

Indoor LCD advertising screens generally do not have special anti-theft locks and maintenance devices, while outdoor LCD advertising screens have anti-theft design; the base adopts an internal lock design to prevent the screws from being removed from the outside to move the machine and equipment. The whole machine adopts front/rear single door or double door, which is convenient to maintain the internal display screen, glass, heat dissipation components and electronic parts; the whole machine adopts modular design, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.

4. The difference between temperature and humidity environment adaptation

The adaptability of indoor advertising screens in terms of temperature or humidity is not as strong as that of outdoor advertising screens. Outdoor LCD advertising screens are equipped with a special intelligent industrial temperature control system, which can adapt to the extreme temperature of -40℃~5℃, the other is to adapt to 5%-90% RF wet and dry environment to work normally.