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Digital Sign Board for Shop Helps New Retail Rise!

Retail, an ancient industry of vicissitudes, is changing dramatically. On one hand, with the booming Internet, e-commerce grows like an atomic explosion. Over recent years, e-commerce, as opposed to the financial crisis, has had more impact on brick-and-mortar stores. On the other hand, apart from the industrial revolution in the wake of this surging trend, some enterprises in the real economy have been newly restructured. Those business acumen also exude their excitement about great opportunities.

Digital sign board for shop for store is an important weapon for the traditional retail industry to transform itself into the modern version. The new retail digital display industry is first manifested as changed scenarios for customers. With online stores on the rise, offline stores will pay more attention to customer experience by indoor advertising display and outdoor lcd advertising display. How to leverage individual characteristics and advantages to innovate the whole business from model to service and other details is of particular importance.

Ⅰ. Digital sign board for shop for digital window display

The digital window display screens can attract customers by playing pictures, animations, videos, and other advertisements on a high-definition screen wall. By doing so, your clothing brands will look more luxurious and modern. It can easily offer your chain stores a window display in a uniform or diversified style.

Ⅱ. Digital sign board for shop for the digital ad board

The prime LED LCD screen can not only create a warm and friendly environment for customers but also make the apartment store look more luxurious and modern so as to enhance the apartment's brand image in the minds of customers.

Ⅲ. Digital sign board for shop for interaction and touching

A personalized store scenario allows for customers to stay longer, and the novel and the complete interface gives customers a sense of novelty, awesomeness, fashion, and technology. In this way, customers can learn more about business activities, the brand offers, spending guides, and floor maps. A 3D guiding map can also be drawn to provide customers with the quickest route to a certain store.

Ⅳ. Digital sign board for shop for digital shelf

Intelligent digital shelf brings about sales growth by eye-catching display of specifications and inventory of relevant products in the forms of high-definition videos, animations, and pictures. Apart from helping you increase operation revenue, advertising screen display can also timely inform you of how customers make their purchase decisions. In addition, digital shelf can relieve workers from printing and labeling before the shelf. By doing so, your operation cost can be further decreased and price accuracy of products on the shelf can be improved.

Ⅴ. Digital sign board for shop for digital menu

The paperless digital menu can not only showcase the menu pictures, but also play advertisement on the spot in ways that show the flavor better and enhance corporate image. Meanwhile, the digital menu system can automatically update the menu information and avoid the cost of repeatedly replacing traditional light box advertisements. Therefore, it can effectively reduce cost and increase profit points profits.

Ⅵ. Digital sign board for shop for digital ordering

By transforming traditional waiter ordering service into self-ordering system where customers can order, pay their bills, store value and upgrade membership by themselves, not only waiters and cashiers are relieved of ordering pressure, but also customer lose due to queuing is effectively reduced. Meanwhile, it also saves your valuable human resources for other services like food serving so as to improve waiters' working efficiency.

In the age of new retail where customers are first and innovation springs up, brick-and mortar stores will be an important tool for narrowing the distance between enterprises and consumers in the near future. In a word, it will serve as a new weapon for enterprises to gain the upper hand in competition.