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Installation and Construction Standards for Outdoor Advertising Screens

Ⅰ. Outdoor advertising screens are widely used in the construction of smart communities and have the following characteristics:

1. Fashionable appearance: standard shell, according to customer needs, professionally design elegant and fashionable shells, various styles, high-end extraordinary;

2. Timing backlight: support multiple time periods timing backlight control, convenient and easy to operate;

3. Intelligent temperature control: The intelligent temperature control system maintains a constant temperature and dry environment inside the fuselage to prevent fogging and condensation; dustproof and waterproof. The closed design of the whole machine prevents external dust and water from entering the interior, reaching the IP55 standard;

4. Sun-proof and explosion-proof: The shell is made of galvanized steel plate, which has been treated with special outdoor powder painting, waterproof, sun-proof, anti-corrosion, and explosion-proof professional surface technology; it can be used outdoors for 10 years without fading.

Ⅱ. How are outdoor advertising screens generally installed?

The installation and construction standards for outdoor digital signage wholesale are now published as follows:

1. Concrete base

(1) Dig a 600MM deep pit on the ground.

(2) Put the pre-welded rebar into the reclamation as required (rebar is in accordance with GB1499.2-2007 standard).

(3) Buried cables (2M is required to be exposed to the ground, and the cables are required to carry a power consumption of 3000W).

(4) Pour concrete (concrete in accordance with GBT-50107-2010 standard).

(5) Let it dry for 24 hours (when it is dry, it is required to cover the laid concrete base with a plastic sheet).

2. Preparation of installation tools

(1) Crane (can lift 5T).

(2) Wrench (adjustable wrench).

(3) Phillips screwdriver and wire stripper.

(4) Level ruler.

3. Equipment installation

(1) Disassemble the outer packaging of the equipment first;

(2) Put the steel rope of the crane into the ring hole on the equipment;

(3) When the equipment is lowered, it is required to align the threads of the concrete base embedded in advance (note that the power cord needs to be inserted into the cabinet);

(4) After inserting, set the nut, adjust the level, and tighten the nut;

(5) After connecting the power supply, the installation is completed.

4. Site cleaning

(1) First sort out the debris tools left on the site.

(2) Use a broom to clean up the dregs and soil left on the ground.

(3) Rinse the ground with water afterwards (wash away the slag and dust remaining on the ground).

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