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Smart Advertising Screen Has Prominent Advantages in Public Welfare Activities

Scene smart outdoor advertising screen terminal, commonly known as online advertising machine, online advertising screen, belongs to smart terminal equipment, it is an important smart terminal for building a smart city. The use of smart advertising screens to carry out public welfare publicity has the following obvious advantages:

1. Paperless outdoor advertising screen

High-definition LCD screen display, infinite repeat display, loop playback, dynamic display, update the program at any time, update the dynamic. Compared with paper publicity materials such as banners, posters, roll-ups, brochures, etc., LCD poster display can save manpower and material resources such as repeated production, repeated investment, and repeated labor, and will not cause waste.

2. Cloud release of outdoor advertising screen

The smart LED and LCD display can be released in the cloud through the release background. No matter how many publicity points in the city, as long as you tap the keyboard in the office (information release center), you can realize the remote release and update of publicity programs.

3. The intelligence of outdoor advertising screens

It can achieve accurate publicity of different content for different scenes, different points, and different groups of people. You can set the time period of playback at will, and you can set the opening and closing time of the machine switch.

4. Long duration of outdoor advertising screen

Manual publicity and activities will be tiring, and the smart digital advertising display is an industrial-grade smart screen that can automatically play for a long time, intelligent, saves time and effort, and ensures the long-term effectiveness of public welfare publicity.

5. The emergency of outdoor advertising screen is strong

Because of its high efficiency, smart outdoor advertising screens  and indoor digital signage displays also have strong practicability in emergency situations. For example, information content that needs to be conveyed urgently, such as emergency notices, emergency prevention notices, assistance investigation notices, superior speech instructions, etc., smart new media can realize fast and efficient broadcast and transmission.

6. Vividness of outdoor advertising screen

Compared with paper-based static propaganda, the dynamic image, text, audio and video of the LCD video wall display is more three-dimensional and vivid, and the information can be quickly received by the masses.

7. Full control of outdoor advertising screen

Compared with traditional publicity methods, banners are broken, posters are torn, roll-ups are blown down, etc., which can only be found during inspections, while smart outdoor advertising screens can be found from the background as long as the computer is turned on. Terminal has no work. Problem discovery is faster and more straightforward, and problem resolution is more efficient.

8. Dataization of outdoor advertising screens

The background of the smart outdoor advertising screen can monitor the playback status of each period, including the data status of playback content and playback time, without manual statistics.

9. Outdoor advertising screens are safer

Compared with traditional billboards, which have potential safety hazards due to external factors such as typhoons, smart outdoor advertising screens are naturally safer and more reliable.

10. Outdoor advertising screens are more scientific

No matter in terms of manpower, material resources, financial resources, efficiency, safety, and advancement, smart advertising screen terminals are undoubtedly the most scientific carriers.