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Types of Outdoor LCD Advertising Display Digital Signages

Carry outdoor advertising lcd screens are of full color and high resolution. Request your free trial for versatile, waterproof and high-quality advertising screen outdoor price. Outdoor digital signage displays machine, touch one machine, seamless splicing screen can be in a wider application to outdoor advertising lcd screens, outdoor public information dissemination, outdoor media dissemination, touch interactive query and other fields around the clock, LED LCD display greatly improves the picture hierarchy, commercial display manufacturer offer better performance details by Carry display .

Outdoor LCD Advertising Display Digital Signages Advantages

  • 1500-4000 Nits Outdoor Bright All-weather

    1500-4000 Nits Outdoor Bright All-weather

    Terminal brand outdoor lcd displays are bright all-weather outdoors, and can be selected from 1500Nits-4000Nits brightness, adapt to any outdoor environment, and be bright continuously.

  • Outdoor LCD Displays is Anti-Raflective

    Outdoor LCD Displays is Anti-Raflective

    Terminal digital display screen applies anti-reflective glass. It is a type of glass that can provide an ultra-smooth touch experience and enhance interactivity. The anti-reflection rate can reach 95%.

  • Outdoor Protection

    Outdoor Protection

    Terminal brand outdoor lcd displays all use more corrosion-resistant aluminum frames without fear of rusting in any outdoor environment, and the products are more beautiful.

  • Outdoor LCD Advertising Display is Dynamic Backlight

    Outdoor LCD Advertising Display is Dynamic Backlight

    How to control the backlight source according to the ambient light? The dynamic backlight technology is one method for adjusting LCD brightness. It is a kind of intelligent control. These controls enable the outdoor lcd displays to fully show its brightness and vividness when displayed in the store. Consumers will also be comfortable when watching at home, not easy to feel tired, and can save energy at the same time. Because in the process of dynamically adjusting the backlight, power consumptions go down if the backlight is always on. The outdoor lcd displays light source is constant, and its power consumption is heavy.

Outdoor LCD Advertising Display Digital Signage Applications

It can be utilized in almost every application possible.  This includes everything from watching the game in diverse outdoor environments, to interactive wayfinding kiosks, to outdoor menu boards in drive-thrus, to any outdoor advertising lcd screens designed to capture a passerby's attention. The display's durability allows it to be used in any weather condition with limited or no service required.  outdoor advertising lcd screens are a great way to enhance your customer experience with eye-catching visuals.

How to Choose LCD Displays for Your Project, Outdoor LCD Display or Indoor LCD Display?

In the selection of the two, it needs to be decided according to the usefulness of practice. If the demand is used in an environment with relatively stable objective conditions such as temperature and humidity, light and electromagnetism, then the indoor LCD display advertising machine is a good choice. If you need to taste the detection of strict environment such as sunlight, wind and rain, high temperature and low temperature, it is necessary to choose field LCD advertising machine.

Not only that, but it can also be selected according to the advertising content that needs to be broadcast. If the desired advertisement conveys information to customers in indoor places such as elevators, shops, exhibition halls and conference rooms, indoor LCD display advertising machines can be selected. If advertising is expected to be used in bus stops, large commercial streets and other environments, outdoor advertising machines need to be selected.