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Analysis of Product Characteristics of Outdoor Advertising Screen

Outdoor advertising screen is a category of advertising machines, which is a category appellation compared to indoor advertising machines. What is an advertising machine? It is a new generation of intelligent equipment. It forms a complete advertising broadcast control system through terminal software control, network information transmission and multimedia terminal display, and advertises through multimedia materials such as pictures, text, videos, and small plug-ins. Outdoor advertising screen, as the name suggests, is an intelligent broadcast broadcast control system applied in outdoor.

In the LED and LCD display industry, it is customary to summarize smart devices such as electronic newspaper reading columns, smart bus stops, outdoor touch inquiry machines, and LCD screens on charging piles into the business category of outdoor advertising screens. Here, we collectively refer to them as "outdoor LCD smart display devices". Well, these devices have distinct characteristics from indoor LCD devices. What are the characteristics of outdoor advertising screens?

1. Outdoor advertising screen all-weather outdoor operation: This is the basic feature of outdoor electronic signage, and it has the ability to adapt to outdoor environment operation.

2. Bright and high-definition LCD display of outdoor advertising screen: This is also an important feature of outdoor advertising screen. The screen brightness of the indoor LCD screen is generally 350 nits. When the light becomes stronger, the screen brightness is not enough to appear gray. The outdoor advertising screen is placed outdoors, and sometimes it is exposed to direct sunlight. In order to display normally, the brightness of the screen must be increased. Generally, the brightness is raised to 2000 nits, equivalent to 7 times the brightness of an indoor LCD screen.

In addition, indoor digital signage displays generally do not need intelligent photosensitive, while outdoor LCD screens are generally equipped with intelligent photosensitive functions. For example, the maximum brightness of the screen is 2000 nits. When it detects that the ambient light is weak, its brightness will automatically switch to below 2000 nits.

3. Powerful temperature control device for digital advertising display: there are unique industrial air conditioners or intelligent fans and heating devices, the unique air duct and motherboard design can automatically adjust the wind speed to dissipate heat, with supercooled heating start, overheating, and cooling to make it run normally Features. Among them, the air-cooled series can adapt to the environment of -20℃ to 45℃, while the air-conditioning temperature control series can adapt to the environment of -55℃ to +55℃.

4. Built-in abnormal protection design of outdoor advertising screen: automatic power-off to protect the LCD screen and remote monitoring.

5. High-level outdoor protection level of outdoor advertising screen. The protection level of the air-cooled type is 1P55, and the protection level of the air-conditioned type is I1P65. IP55 means that foreign objects cannot invade the machine, and spray water and rain cannot invade the machine. IP65 means that foreign objects and dust cannot invade the machine. and rainwater cannot penetrate into the aircraft. Ensure normal operation in an outdoor environment.

6. Anti-corrosion, anti-lightning, explosion-proof and anti-theft of outdoor advertising screens: As an outdoor background, you must have the all-round ability for outdoor protection. In addition to the 1P level of dust and water resistance, anti-corrosion, lightning protection, explosion-proof, and anti-theft skills are all impossible. lack.

With the development of technology, it is believed that there will be more upgrades and improvements in the future. The above features are based on our industry experience and are for reference only.