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Make Meetings More Engaging with Digital Whiteboarding

What is a digital whiteboarding?

From mathematical equations on a blackboard to charts on a LCD white board, visualization tools help us solve various problems together. These tools make discussions more engaging and facilitate team collaboration in the process of sharing ideas spontaneously.

But what if you're not in the same room? Let Carry LCD company show you some examples.

A digital whiteboarding may help. A digital whiteboarding is a virtual canvas where teams can share notes, sketches, files and photos, just like a physical whiteboard, except it can be accessed from anywhere with Internet access. (This is why it's also called an online whiteboard.) It combines the best parts of a physical whiteboard, such as text and notes, with digital features such as screen capture and automatic save, so you don't have to worry about others erasing your ideas. This technology has been applied in digital screen board for teaching and interactive whiteboards for business

The benefits of an online digital whiteboarding

Interactive whiteboards help achieve real-time collaboration without worrying about where the team is located: working from home, working in different offices, or working around the world. As hybrid work becomes the norm, multimedia interactive whiteboard has become a useful tool for efficient connection of everyone. They help:

Increase productivity

Online whiteboards can help everyone stay on the same page during meetings, so decisions can be made faster. Since everyone has visual reference material, they can focus on brainstorming with digital sigange displays instead of note taking.

Develop business

Anything that simplifies project management is beneficial to the outcome. Digital whiteboards can help visualize every step in the process, making it easier to identify issues before they become problematic.

Connect remote employees

When everyone is in different locations, it's hard to get everyone together and ensure they're heard. In fact, because many of us work from home, the time spent collaborating has decreased by 37% compared to before the pandemic. Digital whiteboards can help strengthen collaboration because everyone can participate, and they're more interactive than presentations.

Unleash creativity

Sometimes, you just need space to doodle, share prototype sketches, or write a list of creative product names. Interactive whiteboards provide you with a space to experiment and have fun, and some of the best ideas often come from there.

Give you peace of mind

Nothing is worse than losing meeting notes because someone erased the whiteboard too quickly. Digital whiteboarding automatically saves to the cloud, so it is easily accessible after the meeting ends.