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How About the General Application of Digital Whiteboard for Online Teaching? What Are the Useful Functions?

Digital whiteboard is a high-tech product developed by a variety of high-tech means such as cutting-edge electronic technology and software technology. It can realize interactive teaching in the classroom by applying the principle of electromagnetic induction, combined with computer and projector. Let teachers get rid of the shackles of mouse and keyboard completely, and make a revolutionary change in multimedia teaching.

Some commonly used functions have been explored in teaching. What is the function of digital whiteboard for online teaching? Let's take a look together.

1. Digital whiteboard for online teaching can make on-screen annotations and provide timely feedback

Based on the interactive digital whiteboard, it provides convenient writing and drawing functions. It can be used in Chinese subjects to realize the learning method of students thinking while imagining and drawing, showing the learning process of students' reading and thinking and the final thinking results. In addition, it can also be used in mathematics to present the results of students' practice and thinking, so that teachers can find problems and evaluate in time.

It can also be used to communicate annotation results in interactions and to clarify methodological implications in teacher feedback. In the whole process, it can ensure that students are the main body of learning, and the independence and depth of students' thinking are improved in independent annotation and interactive discussion.

2. The digital whiteboard for online teaching can be hidden and presented in batches

Based on the occlusion pull screen function provided by the indoor LCD display, pictures can be imported as the theme background, which is conducive to creating scenes. It can also present resources in batches according to the learning progress, which is not only conducive to students' concentration, but also can effectively guide students' thinking development. Not only is it more practical in new lectures, but it is also very useful in usual practice and review lessons.

3. The digital whiteboard for online teaching can enlarge the focus and highlight the key points

Based on the photographing and zoom-in functions provided by the interactive digital whiteboard, it can focus on the teaching points, focus on presentation, and observe carefully, which is conducive to finding problems.

For example: in middle school physics teaching, teachers use the magnifying glass tool of digital whiteboard to help students carefully check the small problems in circuit diagrams. In Chinese teaching, the magnifying LED LCD monitor is used to magnify the details in the picture for students to observe, so as to cultivate students' ability to capture details.

4. The digital whiteboard for online teaching can be played back and show the context

Based on the playback function provided by the interactive digital whiteboard, it can be used in the learning of students in various disciplines, which can re-display the learning process and review the context of thinking. It is also conducive to summarizing the study method in the study, refining the method, fundamentally discovering the problem and grasping the key, and solving the problem.

In the lower grade literacy teaching class, teachers can use digital whiteboard to record the process of writing Chinese characters, and they can play back the process of writing Chinese characters at any time during teaching. Especially after the demonstration, the playback function is used for students to watch and practice, so that students can further clarify the strokes and stroke order of writing Chinese characters, breaking through the difficulty of writing Chinese characters.

5. The digital whiteboard for online teaching can intelligently draw and improve efficiency

The digital whiteboard provides a variety of smart tools such as compasses, corners, smart pens, protractors, and circles. Teachers can draw very professional and accurate geometric figures on the electronic whiteboard very conveniently with a pen without the help of other tools and with a little practice.

These tools not only provide an integrated toolbox for science teaching, but also give people a realistic sense of simulated operation. In practice, these tools are very popular with subject teachers and students like them.