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How would retail shop window lcd display to help you to improve your business revenue

As we have seen, more and more regular digital signage is emerging in every corner of our lives. People don’t seem to have much interest in ordinary digital signs. People are slowly focusing on those with on attractive and innovative digital signage, as we all know, now we are in an era of human flow. To catch people’s attention is to capture the flow of people. So today we focus on introducing our retail digital display with this ultra-thin and slender double-sided design, thin lcd display is able to face the indoors while playing advertising content, while the other faces the outdoor to show the advertisements to passing pedestrians. Just imagine that when people pass by, if our ads are attractive and energetic, people may stop, enter the store for consultation, and eventually buy products. Why, because our advertising screen for shop window can also display different advertisements for different groups of people. Our equipment can be equipped with cameras to perform big data statistics on the crowds, and broadcast different advertisements suitable for people of different age groups or different consumer groups, so as to maximize the advertising benefits. In addition, in terms of function, our digital signage has built-in software, and device users can publish content remotely through the Internet by our build in CMS. Say goodbye to the era of using light box posters.

We all know that light box posters pollute the environment and it is not convenient to replace them. Every time there is an update of advertising content the poster needs to be replaced, which will also incur high labor maintenance costs. Out indoor lcd display can completely achieve zero-cost maintenance. You only need to tap a few buttons on your computer, one key can be attractive advertising content is posted to the device, Anyway, it can help you earn money from the below three aspects: First, display different content to for different people with different age and sex. Then this will maximize advertising revenue to attract more and more people to visit your shop and purchase your goods. Second, our retail shop window LCD display has dual sided screen, one is using regular brightness, the other one is using high brightness to enable passers see it clearly even if there’s sunshine directing to the screen, Third, our retail shop window LCD display already build in CMS software with cloud base, you don't need to update content via using regular poster anymore. You just need to click several buttons and send the content to display, this will save your much labor cost comparing with regular poster.  So, what are you waiting for?! Please come to www.carrylcd.com to find us and then we will give you the best offer and services to support your business and projects. We are more than a very professional manufacturer of LCD digital signage in China, we are also a digital signage solution provider because we can provide the software and hardware you want  

Carry Display is a professional LCD advertising screen factory, for more custom products in sizes and designs, please contact our team by email.

Retail Shop Window LCD Display