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How to Deal with the White Screen After the High-brightness Outdoor Display is Restarted?

We've seen messages like this on the site before. The content is that its bright outdoor LCD screen will appear white screen after restarting. Is there any way for us and the R&D engineer of the smart display to check it for him.

Of course, we also welcome everyone to meet the outdoor LCD screen today, we will discuss how to deal with the white screen after the outdoor LCD screen restarts. We will analyze this problem and see how to check outdoor LCD monitors?

1. Driver problems of outdoor LCD screens

After the outdoor digital display screen restarts, the first thing we need to consider is whether the driver is correct. The white screen, i.e. the backlit display, can light up, but no other pictures will be displayed. Then, first check if the driver is correct, and then re-burn the program to judge. If the program is still the same after reburning, you can check for driver issues.

2. The current and voltage of the outdoor LCD display are unstable

Connect the high-brightness outdoor LCD screen, and use a multimeter to measure whether the power supply voltage at the FPC connection is normal. If the voltage is OK, check the timing signal in the driver circuit. If not, check for damage to the open fuse resistor near the FPC. If damaged, replace electronics.

3. The cable of the outdoor LCD screen is in poor contact

Any problem with the bright outdoor LCD screen, we can't ignore whether there is a bad contact or disconnection. Check whether the cable is plugged in properly, or the cable has poor contact due to dust entering the cable due to prolonged use. Remove the cable and clean, wipe the gold fingers with a soft cloth, then plug it back in.

Don't panic when you encounter a white screen after the outdoor LCD screen restarts. According to these points, the problem should be checked first. You can tell the professionals of the professional outdoor LCD screen manufacturers to analyze, and you can pay more attention to the knowledge and intelligent display of the bright outdoor LCD screen.

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