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Application Scenarios and Advantages of LED Poster Screen

LED mirror screen, also known as "mirror screen", is an evolved product and belongs to a subdivision of small pitch LED display.

Smart LED poster display is a static image presented in timed switching form, which subverts the previous dynamic playback, sound, and image mode of LED "mirror screen". Of course, Maipu Guangcai LED mirror screen can also play dynamic videos and other content.

Currently, LED "mirror screen" is rapidly entering the commercial display market and replacing some LCD screens, becoming a magical tool for many businesses to create a shopping environment, and at the same time, also expanding the market of LED displays in the commercial display era. Choose Carry commercial lcd led supplier

Application scenarios of LED poster screen

Supermarkets, department stores

The LED poster screen in vertical installation form can be directly applied to various areas of supermarkets and department stores. LED poster screens can present new product launches, discounts, promotions, points redemption, activity preheating, and other information in a scrolling manner, making it easy for consumers to establish clear recognition and bring a more intuitive and shocking visual experience to consumers. From the perspective of long-term operation, supermarket digital signage can also save the cost of continuous material investment.

Brand counters, exclusive stores

The LED poster screen is lightweight and easy to move flexibly according to actual scene application requirements by brand counters and exclusive stores staff. LED poster screens can also be hung, fashionable and simple, eye-catching, fully enhancing the level of brand counters and stores.

Event and performance sites

Business conferences are an indispensable part of the current era, such as investment conferences, channel conferences, press conferences, industry exchanges, etc.

Setting up LED poster screens at the entrance of the venue can flexibly present welcome posters, business conference themes, spreading new products, conference precautions, and other information, bringing a good visual experience and making it easy for attendees to establish clear recognition.

Advantages of LED poster screens

  • The screen body is thin and light, front maintenance, and the appearance design strives to present high-end, atmospheric, fashionable and novel. The installation method is flexible and diverse, which can meet the installation needs of various application scenarios.

  • The system adopts zero setting design, which is simple and convenient to operate, and the advertisement can be inserted and used. It can also be intelligently remotely monitored and managed through the APP, so that everything is under control. LED "mirror screen" can be spliced arbitrarily, so it has a larger area and broader viewing angle than traditional LCD or DLP screens, and therefore, it is more eye-catching with a stronger visual impact.

  • In a static state, the requirements for color and clarity are more prominent than when playing dynamic videos, and viewers can observe more carefully in a static state. It also has its expertise in dealing with the black ink and ripple at close range.

  • Stability can ensure that static images are controlled to jump every few seconds without the phenomenon of being slow or fast. It also has stability in control management systems, information release, etc.