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What Convenience Will the Wide Application of Interactive Electronic Whiteboard Bring to Teaching?

Ⅰ. Possible scenarios with digital whiteboard for online teaching

Interactive whiteboard (IWB), also generally called interactive board or smart board, is a large interactive display that takes the shape of capacitive interactive whiteboard or infrared interactive whiteboard. IWB can work as either a touchscreen computer running tasks independently or a touchpad connected with a projector to control the computer.

Interactive digital whiteboard and digital display screens for schools can be used in various scenarios such as classrooms for education at all levels, interactive whiteboards for business in the company, training rooms for professional athletic trainers, and broadcast studios.

Ⅱ. Edges of digital whiteboard for online teaching

1. Digital whiteboard for online teaching can introduce digital information resources in an immediate, easy, and flexible manner. With its help, multimedia materials can be edited, organized, presented and controlled flexibly. In addition, it also serves as an alternative to the past projecting system that is stuck by highly fixed structure of teaching slides or courseware.

2. Digital whiteboard for online teaching can help students learning by arousing their initiative and enthusiasm. When teaching with the interactive electronic whiteboard, the electronic pen in the teacher's hand works as both a multi-functional pen and a mouse. In this sense, when teaching with multimedia courseware, teachers are provided with much more leeway instead of being stuck by the mouse before the computer. In conclusion, the enhanced interaction between teachers and students entails better teaching results.

3. Digital whiteboard for online teaching makes teaching presentation used to be lack of colors and full of texts and hand-painted pictures colorful. Apart from writing on the board, digital pictures and videos can also be edited and presented. Therefore, students will become more interested in learning and teachers can deliver more productive classes.

With various teaching styles integrated together into indoor lcd displays, the interactive whiteboard enables students to learn by looking, listening, and touching to interact with the board. It also offers teachers with a new and innovative approach to the sane teaching materials. Consequently, students can learn better and remember more.