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Innovation in the Hotel Digital Signage Market is Significant

Driven by the tide of social informatization, the degree of intelligence and digitalization of hotels has become one of the important indicators of star rating. For its own sustainable and healthy development, hotel informatization construction has become an inevitable trend. As a popular information communication platform, hotel digital signage has become a prominent symbol of information hotels.

1. Under the integration of modern hotel functions, hotel digital signage application can ensure service quality

In the modern society, the hotel is no longer a single place of travel and accommodation, but a service place that integrates various functions such as accommodation, catering, entertainment, sports and conferences. Accompanying the integration of functions is the complexity of the hotel system. In this case, in order to meet the increasingly personalized needs of customers and feel at home, the application of hotel digital signage is essential.

In practical applications, an important role of hotel digital signage is to push necessary information in a timely manner, popularize common sense to customers, and demonstrate the humanization of hotel services. For example, the hotel can use the LED and LCD display digital signage system to introduce the hotel environment, room usage, meeting room conditions, restaurant signature dishes, hotel promotions, air traffic guides, etc., and provide a full range of services from the daily needs of customers, effectively improving customers. sense of belonging.

On the other hand, the hotel digital signage application can also help hotels to generate advertising revenue. For example, by installing indoor LCD display and outdoor LCD digital signage in the hotel's halls, banquet halls, conference rooms, stair aisles and other places, it can promote scenic spots and special hotels. While exploring its own advertising value to the limit, it also meets the potential consumption needs of customers, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

2. Hospitality signage application focuses on personalization and expands the essence for the market

Driven by global economic integration, hotels have achieved unprecedented development, and coexisting with the huge market space is the continuous increase in the number of practitioners. In the face of an increasingly competitive market, characteristic operation has become the core competitiveness of hotel operators to break through the market. In this case, personalization has naturally become a rigid requirement for the construction of the hotel digital signage system.

However, based on the increasingly perfect core hardware technology, the homogeneity of commercial digital display products has become an indisputable fact. If digital signage companies want to reflect their uniqueness, they must formulate specialized solutions, starting with software innovation. This requires digital signage companies not only to fully understand the existing needs of the hotel industry, but also to be good at exploring the potential needs of the hotel industry, combining with the established requirements of the target hotel, and then customizing solutions that meet user needs and have outstanding leadership.

This undoubtedly puts forward higher requirements for the comprehensive service capabilities of the practitioners. The greatly increased industry threshold will inevitably block some companies with limited capabilities. Therefore, although the hotel digital signage market is a promising market, it is not for everyone.