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What Are the Elements of Signage for Hotels Design?

We saw most signs and logos in hotels are made of metal and wood, and the signages for hotels are classified, such as lobby signs, floor signs, hotel room signs, door numbers, function signs, caution signs, room rate cards, currency exchange signs, etc. Today we will introduce three main factors that need to be considered when choose hotel digital signage solutions.

The signage for hotels should match the building style and decoration style of the hotel as much as possible

Every hotel has its own style. Some hotels are European-style, while others are Chinese-style. Therefore, the design of digital sigange displays for hotels should be consistent with the overall style of the hotel and should not be out of place. The shape and appearance of the entire hotel should also be consistent with the decoration style of the hotel, requiring simplicity and coordination.

Signage for hotels should be coordinated with the overall environment

The hotel logo should be clearly visible. If the walls of the hotel are mainly gray-white or light yellow, the color of the sign should also be warm, and we suggest choosing neutral colors and warm colors for embellishment, and the type of color should not exceed three.

Most star hotels pay more attention to the coordination between the logo color and the hotel environment. Therefore, the color matching between the hotel logo and the signage is very important. The combination of colors should not destroy the decoration taste and style of the entire hotel.

When making signage for hotels, attention should be paid to the choice of materials

When choosing materials for signages for hotels, the first consideration should be the fusion of signages for hotels and hotel decoration style. Of course, the material of the hotel logo sign also needs to be considered. There are many materials that can be used for signages for hotels, such as acrylic, stainless steel, aluminum, wood, titanium, and PVC. We suggest that you can choose according to your actual needs.

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