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Potential Applications of Digital Signage Elevator Screen Display in Buildings

With continuous urbanization, high-rise buildings have become the norm for people's daily living. Of course, the existence of elevators is indispensable where there are high-rise buildings. Whether it is shopping malls, high-end apartments, or commercial office buildings, elevators also have a strong commercial media value because of their high popularity. Building elevator advertising display is becoming an important driving force for the growth of the digital signage elevator advertising market.

Application advantages of digital signage elevator advertising

For elevator digital signage companies, the first thing to solve is the user's definition of product application value if they want to stand out in the building advertising market. Unique and novel content has become the only way to improve user acquisition since the appearance of digital signage is roughly the same. Therefore, what digital signage elevator companies need to do is to explore potential application needs and provide LED and LCD display functional and technical support, so as to form effective guidelines for the application mode of elevator signage display.

Take the application in commercial office buildings as an example. The general target audience of this indoor digital signage is mainly young people. In view of the love of young people for smartphones, the elevator digital display signage can increase the mobile Internet function. For example, with the addition of NFC function, users can immediately obtain information on a product or service with just a swipe of a mobile phone on the digital signage elevator advertising screen, and elevator advertising screen display can even connect with online shopping malls, allowing users to form real consumption when exposed to promotional information.

Digital Signage Elevator Advertising

The potential value of elevator digital signage elevator advertising display

In addition to increasing commercial display screens value, elevator digital screen signage can also increase potential value for the characteristics of elevator. For example, building managers can integrate digital signage networks with the building's security monitoring network to address the growing issue of elevator supervision. In the event of an emergency, the relevant information will be pushed to the user in time to avoid unnecessary harm as much as possible and enhance the necessity of building a digital signage network for elevators.

It can be seen from the above description that although the digital elevator displays has a single appearance and a limited size, it has more specific requirements for the intrinsic functions of the product and also has higher requirements for the technical strength of the relevant enterprises.

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Types of Elevator Digital Signage Screens

There are several types of digital signage elevator advertising screen available, including LCD screens, LED screens, and OLED screens. LCD screens are commonly used and offer high resolution and bright displays. LED screens are energy-efficient and can display high-quality images and videos. OLED screens offer excellent image quality with deep blacks and vibrant colors. Other types of elevator digital signage screens include touchscreen displays, transparent displays, and stretched displays that are designed to fit in narrow spaces. These screens can be used to display a range of content, including advertisements, news updates, and emergency messages.

How Elevator Digital Signage Works

The system works by using software to display targeted advertisements, news, weather updates, and other relevant information on the elevator display screens in real-time. These screens are typically placed in the elevators of commercial buildings, hotels, and other high-traffic areas.

The content displayed on these screens is typically created and managed by a digital signage elevator advertising screen provider. The provider will work with the building owner to design and implement the system, which will include the installation of the screens and the software needed to manage the content.

The software used to manage the content typically includes a content management system (CMS) that allows the provider to create and schedule content for display on the screens. The CMS may also include features for targeting specific audiences based on factors such as the time of day, the location of the elevator, and the demographics of the building's occupants.

Once the content has been created and scheduled, it is delivered to the elevator display screens via an internet connection. The screens may be connected to a central server or managed individually, depending on the size and complexity of the system.

Digital Signage Elevator Advertising