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How to Use the Electronic Whiteboard for Online Teaching?

Ⅰ. About the electronic whiteboard for online teaching

An interactive electronic whiteboard is an educational or meeting aid human-computer interaction device. Electronic whiteboard for teaching and digital display screens for schools can realize dust-free writing, freewriting, remote conference and other functions. In terms of hardware principles, the interactive board for online teaching integrates functional hardware such as computers, players, projectors, projection cloths, and writing boards.

In the current international or domestic market, there are many technologies that can achieve the precise positioning of electronic whiteboards. The representative ones are electromagnetic induction, infrared, resistance, ultrasonic, CCD light scanning and other technologies. At present, most interactive electronic whiteboards use infrared sensing technology, which is embedded around the screen to form a scanning screen surface and supports 6-point infrared touch.

Ⅱ. Instruction of the electronic whiteboard for online teaching

1. The interactive whiteboard itself is equivalent to a projection screen. When the projector shines on the whiteboard, the whiteboard is equivalent to the display screen of the computer due to the special structure inside the whiteboard. Use a special pen instead of the mouse to operate on the whiteboard, you can run any application program, or edit, annotate, save and other operations on the computer that can be achieved by using the keyboard and mouse on the computer.

2. The interactive electronic whiteboard can also be used as a PC whiteboard. After connecting the electronic whiteboard for online teaching with the PC, the electronic whiteboard at this time is equivalent to a handwriting board with a particularly large area. At this time, you can write and draw on it arbitrarily and display it on the PC in real time. Through a specific application, the interactive electronic whiteboard can communicate with other offices and conference rooms through the network to realize network conferences.

3. Connect the electronic whiteboard for online teaching directly to the printer, and write on the blackboard through a specific whiteboard pen. When you need to print, just press the print key on the panel to print in color or black and white.

The electronic whiteboard adopts optical imaging technology, which can zoom, rotate and annotate with fingers or other opaque objects, so as to make the touch more brisk and smooth, and improve the touch experience to a whole new level, and fully reflecting the unique charm of human-computer interaction. It can be used not only as an electronic whiteboard, but also as a projection screen, and can also be used as an ordinary whiteboard when no electricity is required.