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Three Convergence Trends of Digital Signage Under the New Retail

New retail is undergoing tremendous changes, the intelligent transformation of traditional scenes, and the derivation of new scenes. No matter what kind of change, it is inseparable from digitization. Digitization is also the key to new retail, which runs through the retail field. Our digital signage market is most concerned with the construction of "sites" to open up the market, and digital construction in new retail digital display is inseparable from the help of commercial display products such as digital signage in retail stores.

In this context, digital signage should also be innovative to better meet the digital requirements in the new retail scene.

According to the analysis of existing LED LCD screen, there are three ways for the integration and application of digital signage:

1. Functional integration of digital signage for retail stores

Function fusion is to integrate digital signage functions into other products to form intelligent products with digital signage functions. For example, smart vending machines integrate the digital signage function of retail stores into self-service vending machines, and some operators even add digital signage displays above self-service vending machines to increase media benefits. At present, under the wave of new retail, the market of smart vending machines is also developing rapidly.

2. The integration of digital signage for retail stores

Scheme fusion is to integrate the original software scheme into the information release system, and increase the media benefits on the basis of realizing the original product functions. For example, the information release system is integrated into the self-service cash register product, and the product promotion, supermarket promotion promotion, etc. are broadcast in the static state. The theater self-service ticket machine also has an information release system, which realizes the function of playing advertisements and film promotions when it is dynamic. The self-service ticket machines in some theaters use split-screen display, and part of the display screen is used for information release.

3. The scene fusion of digital signage for retail stores

Scenario fusion is to integrate digital signage into new application scenarios to help the intelligent transformation of scenarios, such as: smart mother and baby room. The digital signage is integrated into the scene of the mother and baby room, coupled with the application of the self-service prototype, to realize the intelligence of the mother and baby room. Digital signage broadcasts mother and baby brand information, precautions for mother and baby, etc. In addition, scene fusion also includes the application case of the fusion of strip screen and shelf.

At present, no matter what industry, a single product function is increasingly unable to meet the needs of users. The market for conventional digital signage in grocery stores products is also becoming more and more restricted, which requires all kinds of participants to boldly innovate and create more integrated commercial digital signage to enhance the added value of digital signage products and provide digitalization for new retail. The construction assistance also opens up a new world for the digital signage market.