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Electronic Whiteboard for Online Teaching Creates a New Mode of Teaching

The electronic whiteboard for online teaching is a new type of multimedia teaching equipment, mainly used in school teaching, and also used in some office places and training institutions.

1. Core components and development of electronic whiteboard for online teaching

The core components of the digital whiteboard for online teaching are composed of electronic devices such as electronic induction whiteboards, induction pens, computers and projectors. It realizes paperless office and teaching, and brings a new, electronic and intelligent teaching mode.

The interactive board for online teaching is an extremely critical step in the development history of the online teaching interactive board, and its use method is simple and easy to learn. You must first connect the computer before using it, and then use the projector to project the computer desktop onto the electronic whiteboard. You can operate the computer on the electronic whiteboard after positioning the computer desktop and the electronic whiteboard once in the connection program. The electronic whiteboard also has functions such as zoom-in, zoom-out and roaming, which is convenient for teaching and display.

Compared with the ordinary blackboard and the audio-visual education platform, the interactive electronic whiteboard combines the interactivity of the blackboard and the richness of the audio-visual education, which fundamentally solves the shortcomings of the previous teaching mode and realizes the real human-computer interaction by digital display screens for schools.

2. Types and principles of electronic whiteboard for online teaching

Infrared induction technology, electromagnetic induction technology and pressure induction technology. For digital advertising boards for sale in bulk price direct from Carry display.

The infrared sensing technology is densely distributed around the display area, and the infrared receiving and transmitting pairs of tubes form a horizontal and vertical scanning network, forming a scanning plane network. The pressure-sensing technology is composed of multiple layers of membranes, with a fixed voltage applied. When a hard object is pressed against a certain point of the resistive film, the current will be read by the test circuit through the conductive film.

3. Characteristics of electronic whiteboard for online teaching

One universal application can meet the different needs of lesson preparation and teaching. And the desktop shortcut keys on both sides can also control the white page.

Video booth function: built-in booth software, the courseware video can be displayed independently if there is a camera on the computer connected to the electronic whiteboard for online teaching.

Open interface: Pictures, texts, programs and other teaching resource courseware can be added and expanded infinitely.

Auxiliary tools: Some commonly used tools for classroom teaching and demonstration. At present, auxiliary tools include: magnifying glass, searchlight, screen, scratch area, ruler, triangle, protractor, compass, dice, screen recording, screen camera, etc.