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What Is a Smart Touch Screen Board in Scenic Spots? How to Create Its Content?

At tourist attractions, museums, and exhibition halls, we often see these smart touch screen boards, such as museum touch screen.

What is the purpose of the touch screen on this smart touch screen board?

Mainly for attractions or exhibitions to provide interactive, inquiry, explanation, and guide services for tourists, and LCD white board even support purchasing tickets, shopping and other content services.

With the popularization of the concept of smart attractions and the continuous improvement of tourists' travel needs, attractions have begun to use LCD touch screen table and digital touch screen whiteboard to provide high-quality services for tourists. The touch screen query all-in-one machine is a commonly used one, commonly found in visitor centers, tourist gathering places, attraction ticket halls, single attractions or exhibition halls and other places. Carry LCD company can manufacturer various custom selections of touch screen boards according to different solutions.

How can smart touch screen boards better serve tourists?

From the perspective of serving tourists, you can make the content of the digital sigange displays and touch screen system from four aspects.

Information inquiry service

One of the main functions of the smart touch screen board is to provide tourists with information inquiry display and inquiry services.

It includes: introduction of scenic spots, panoramic maps, service facility markings, weather forecasts, scenic area announcements, local epidemic prevention policies, scenic area contact numbers, complaint numbers, market supervision numbers, and so on. At the same time, there is an obvious query box on the interface, and tourists can query a certain scenic spot or service facility on the machine.

Scenic area administrators set up these contents in the background to facilitate tourists' tours. Alternatively, the developer can be asked to complete the touchscreen system content before delivering it to the attraction.

Guided tour and explanation service

Explaining and guiding tour services in scenic areas is another main function of smart touch screen board.

The touch screen displays the graphic and text introduction, video, audio explanation of each scenic spot in the scenic area, or the graphic and text introduction of the exhibits, so that tourists can learn about them before visiting. Especially for cultural landscapes, historical buildings, exhibition halls, and museum-like attractions, the introduction and explanation services provided by the touch screen kiosk manufacturer are essential.

Ordering service

The smart touch screen board can also display attraction tickets, accommodation and dining, tourism products, and creative surrounding products, which is convenient for tourists to purchase. It can also effectively increase the secondary consumption income of the attraction.

If you think that buying tickets and shopping on the touch screen will take up too much time and affect other tourists' use of the device, then you can make the ordering service in a guided mode, that is, not directly purchasing on the touch screen, but displaying the attraction's mall mini-program code, allowing tourists to purchase in the mini-program.

Multi-language support

Some attractions not only receive domestic tourists but also overseas tourists, so multi-language is very necessary. Common languages include simplified and traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, etc. Generally, if the attraction needs any language, it can communicate with the touch screen system developer and increase the language through customization.