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Store Digital Signage

The high street is a competitive battleground with retail shops all fighting to grab customers' attention. Floor standing touch screen kiosk is at the forefront of a retail revolution as more shops realize the benefits. By going digital, brands have the possibility to raise their brand awareness. When compared to stagnant print advertising Digital Signage Solutions allow your customers to make a real connection with your brand. Digital Signage allows for instant updates and can work as a remotely updatable network of screens so every branch of your store is up to date.

Types of Signage in Retail

A whole variety of indoor digital signage can be used in retail as it is the natural home of Digital Signage. Want to show your new promotional video of your latest product? Then our Android Advertising Display is the perfect screen to showcase your advert. Want to get more footfall? How about a High Brightness Screen in your shop front window display that can help bring more customers in? Retail is not just all about adverts though. Interactivity is becoming a big force in the retail sector and it's easy to understand why. Having digital interactive smart board like our PCAP Touch Screens give customers the chance to educate themselves about your products and services while being completely customer-driven. The key to success with Digital Signage in a retail setting is to focus on the customer and their experience in your shop. Wall mounted digital signage gives you an amazing opportunity to showcase not only products but a brand that is priceless for any retail store.