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Four Details to Pay Attention to When Making Commercial Digital Signage

Business locations are a common scene for digital signage, where compared to other areas without direct monetization demands, the demand for visual display is stronger in malls. Thus, the acceptance level for new things is relatively high as well. When analyzing commercial digital signage, most of the materials and cases come from commercial places. Today's theme revolves around the production and manufacture of digital signage in commercial locations.

As compared to traditional signs, commercial LCD display needs to interact with users in addition to being a medium for close-range transmission. Thus, many details need special attention in the production process.

Carry LCD company have summarized the following four points to note when producing business location digital signage:

Round-cornered border design for commercial digital signage:

We know that many intelligent digital signs have displays, touch kiosk screen, and related support structures that are predominantly in metal materials. The corners and seams of metal materials need special treatment because digital sigange displays interact with users at a close range. To avoid safety hazards for users, we cannot produce digital signage like non-contact identification products. Thus, the related corners should be designed as round.

High-strength display screens for commercial digital signage:

We have a fairly mature understanding of digital signage, such as touch and click actions being common. There is a question here: Will users use too much force when touching the screen or scratch the surface? This is what the client is most worried about. Thus, manufacturers should solve the problem from the source, such as using high-strength display screens.

Long-row heat dissipation vents for commercial digital signage:

Since digital signage in commercial locations usually operates at high intensity for long periods, such as a shopping mall from 8 am to 12 pm, the self service terminal kiosk needs to work continuously for up to 16 hours. Almost half a day is a working state, and all electronic products will generate a lot of heat no matter what. Thus, the internal heat dissipation of digital signs itself needs to be considered in advance; otherwise, a series of faults or safety issues will cause greater losses. To meet this need, long-row heat dissipation vents should generally be designed on the back.

Pipeline for wiring commercial digital signage:

Digital signage is an energy-consuming device, and where does electricity come from? Of course, wiring is needed. In shopping malls, it is difficult to find exposed wires of public screen, which is also for users' safety. Thus, after commercial digital signage is set up, how to route the wires is an important issue, and generally, the wires should be placed in related pipelines.