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What is the Difference Between the Smart Outdoor LCD Screen and the Original Screen?

In the display industry, there are two sayings: one is the smart outdoor LCD screen, and the other is the original screen. Do you know the difference between the two? Today, we want to talk about the difference between smart outdoor LCD screen and original screen. I believe that after reading this article, everyone will have a new level of understanding of the screen industry.

1. Different manufacturers of outdoor LCD screen and original screen

Smart outdoor LCD digital signages are generally produced by module manufacturers, while original screens are generally produced by large panel factories. Module manufacturers are similar to other enterprise module manufacturers.

Different manufacturers mean different services. Commercial display manufacturer usually contact the manufacturer's personnel, and manufacturers who buy original screens usually find an agent. Therefore, the service that the manufacturer can give you is conceivable. The services provided by the manufacturers are comprehensive, including pre-project docking and after-sales issues after mass production. However, these service agents cannot give them.

2. The flexibility of the outdoor LCD screen and the original screen is different

The smart outdoor LCD display can support customization, but the original screen cannot be customized. You can use this original screen unless you are based on a specific model or other component that this screen is designed for. Otherwise, the cables cannot be inserted due to different positions, and the internal structure of the whole machine must be changed, so the TFT screen has better flexibility than the original screen.

3. The price of outdoor LCD screen and original screen is different

The original LED LCD monitor price is 10%-20% higher than that of the smart outdoor LCD screen. The original screen is generally stocked by traders or agents, so there are layers of price increases. However, the TFT screens produced by manufacturers are generally ex-factory prices, so the price must be lower.

From manufacturer to flexibility to price, smart outdoor LCD monitors and OEM screens are very different. You must understand the mystery.

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