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Is Digital Signage in the Retail Industry an Investment or a Consumption?

Statistics show that companies using LCD screens as part of their marketing and communications strategies are growing on average every year, and this growth can be attributed to the messaging associated with them.

Most people talking about solutions for digital screens in retail typically ask the following questions:

Ⅰ. Are digital screens in retail consumption or investment?

For example, an HDTV is considered a purchase but can be considered a home investment because of the entertainment value it brings to the home.

An important aspect of buying retail digital displays is understanding how the benefits and their importance to the organization outweigh the costs involved. Portable lcd digital signage is not a one-time purchase as there are costs involved beyond the initial cost. There are also ongoing recurring costs.

The cost of purchasing and owning a retail digital display includes: content, hardware and software, connection and installation, mode of operation, labor, design, maintenance, training, software upgrades.

When shopping for digital signage in retail, there's more than just cost to consider. Realize the real value it will bring to your business or organization.

Ⅱ. Why is digital signage in retail an investment?

1. Add value to the local area and attract customers.

2. Contribute to marketing and business promotion.

3. It can improve the conversion rate and generate business leads.

4. Provide better brand image and popularity.

5. Increased product and brand loyalty.

6. Helps better educate customers.

It can be said that the cost of digital signage in retail is a huge business investment, but the possibilities for profit are endless. LCD displays are such a high value that they cannot simply be considered a purely business purchase. In the long run, it pays off.

According to lcd company statistics: "For businesses that choose to market through LCD screens, advertisers typically see a 15% to 150% increase in their business."

When discussing retail digital display technology with customers, get them to use it effectively as a revenue generating tool in addition to making LCD screens a great advertising and customer service tool. Justify the costs involved in purchasing a retail digital display system. Your customers should feel confident that LCD displays can deliver both financial and non-financial returns.

Investing in retail digital displays is a critical element of business success. This is a permanent asset, whereas other forms of advertising are recurring expenses.

Clearly, LCD screens are not an expense, but an investment. It provides long-term high ROI.