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Four Using Trends of Digital Signage in the Market over Recent Years

Recent years have witnessed great changes in the technology of digital signage, which makes retailers and marketers keep a close eye on this ever-changing outdoor electronic signage.

According to industry insiders, retailers and marketers need to update their knowledge of new technologies in the industry and know which new technologies suit their brands and clients best.

We often see retailers and chain stores of fast food focusing on their profits. However, it matters most to construct key technology modules to fulfill the KPI that the solution of digital technology should bring about operationally. Here are several must-have technologies for improving commercial digital signage displays operational efficiency and enhancing customer experience.

Ⅰ. Digital signage for store is used for in-store music and broadcasting

It's well known that music can exert influence on customers' behaviors. Research shows that the more music customers are exposed to in one store, the longer they will stay, the more they will spend and the better their shopping experience is.

To create more engaging and brand-specific experience, many local and international retailing and catering brands are playing customized music and audios in the store. As regards the in-store music, MUJI is exemplary. All in all, indoor digital signage is perfect for paying in-store music.

Ⅱ. Digital signage for store offers a weather-based menu bar

Partnering with new retail business to add a weather-based menu bar to digital signage, which displays different recommendations in the restaurant according to the real-time weather conditions. For example, if it were a cool day, items of hot dishes would be lifted and displayed on the top of menu board, while frozen and salads would be demoted. Apart from promoting and highlighting dish items specific to different time slots on the time of a day such as breakfast time and lunch time, the weather-based menu board also offers customers more targeted and practical food choices.

Nowadays, there are no similar ideas for digital signage in Chinese stores, which, actually, is not limited to the catering industry. For the new retail industry, the weather-based product push can better arouse people's purchasing desire.

Ⅲ. Digital signage for store is used for online queuing

More and more retailers are adopting online queuing technology to offer better waiting service in an increasing digital world. Nothing frustrates shoppers more than the queue before a store.

In this sense, retailers are using virtual queuing system to help customers have their dinner, pay their bills, and keep their position in the queuing and notice them when it's their turn.

Though LED and LCD display, has been almost universally popularized in mainstream business circles, there are not many stores using digital signage for real-time displaying. On top of that, quality online queuing software can help retailers know their business better and solve problems in customer service.

From analytical perspective, we can offer online queuing to clients who can thus obtain data related to foot traffic, waiting time and service time. Retailers can use the date to analyze trends, monitor individual store and conduct the benchmarking of its brand's performance.

Ⅳ. Upgrade the network for digital signage for store

Against the backdrop of ever-changing technologies, it's recommended to update the network for digital signage every three years to ensure the device is compatible with the latest software. Outdate devices will fail to realize the original intention of retailers to install this interactive panel board, that is, to interact with customers and promote products.

Though network updating may be costly, the investment is necessary for giving digital signage full play.