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How to Choose Electronic Whiteboard for Online Teaching?

With the continuous development of technology, people's way of life and work have also changed a lot. Traditional industries have also gradually moved towards electronic, informatization and networking. In the education industry, many schools have also abandoned the original blackboards and began to use electronic whiteboards for teaching, such as digital display screens for schools.

The electronic whiteboard for online teaching is a multimedia teaching device installed in the classroom or hall of the school. Electronic whiteboards are usually composed of desktop computers, touch whiteboards, projectors, audio and other electronic equipment, bringing a new, electronic and intelligent teaching mode.

Ⅰ. Manufacture and development of electronic whiteboard for online teaching

The number of manufacturers of interactive digital whiteboard has grown from a few to a dozen to several hundred and now there are nearly a thousand. However, there are only a handful of companies with influence and large scale in these nearly 1,000 families that have their own intellectual property rights.

With the continuous maturity of the industry and the continuous improvement of the market mechanism, the natural law of survival of the fittest will allow some excellent companies to exert their greatest value in this industry. And those mainstream indoor digital advertising screens manufacturers with core technologies will also increase their efforts to strategize the market, and jointly standardize an orderly market relying on the power of brands.

Ⅱ. Tips for purchasing an electronic whiteboard for online teaching

For users who want to buy an electronic whiteboard, how to choose a whiteboard that satisfies teachers and students is a big problem. In fact, choosing a whiteboard mainly depends on the following three aspects:

1. Performance

Accurate positioning: Observe whether the font position and touchpoint written on the interactive board for online teaching can overlap. Sensitivity: Users can try to write on the whiteboard and observe the reaction speed. Convenience: Users should use the various functions of the whiteboard before purchasing to determine whether it is convenient and user-friendly. Each blackboard will undergo strict checks and multiple tests before leaving the factory to ensure product quality.

2. Price

After comparing the performance, the user is concerned about the price of the LED LCD display most. If you choose a big brand with a high market share, then users will naturally bear part of the advertising costs for these big brands, so the price is relatively high.

It is best for users to choose a manufacturer with independent intellectual property rights after comparing the product performance and it is the best policy to choose a product that is most suitable for you. Our interactive boards for online teaching are moderately priced, and for the same quality, they are less expensive than some big brands with a high market share.

3. After-sale service

After-sales service is an important issue that many users ignore. Many users often regret it after the product has problems, so users must check whether the manufacturer can provide perfect after-sales service for themselves when purchasing. We have a perfect after-sales service system. If there is any problem during transportation, we will replace it with a new one unconditionally, with three-month replacement and one-year warranty.