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The Advantages and Precautions of Outdoor Electronic Signage

Outdoor electronic signage is a tool for advertising. Outdoor electronic signage can play video, image recognition, and text promotion, which can effectively improve the accuracy of information push.

Ⅰ. What are the benefits of outdoor electronic signage?

1. Wide coverage of outdoor electronic signage

Outdoor electronic signs are generally installed in high-end commercial areas and transportation hub areas with high traffic density. Through high-frequency communication with consumers, stimulate consumers' strong desire to buy.

2. The cost of outdoor electronic signage is low

Outdoor electronic signage can effectively cooperate with the publicity and broadcasting of TV advertisements, and the cost is only 1% of TV advertisements to achieve the effect of deepening TV advertisements.

3. No need to modify the cost of advertising

Compared with traditional advertising forms, such as printed banners, portable outdoor digital signs and wall mounted outdoor digital signage will inevitably consume a lot of manpower and material resources once it is modified, while LCD advertising displays only need to be modified on the terminal equipment, and no extra printing costs are required. , and can be replaced at any time.

4. Upgrading the grade of the city

Government agencies use outdoor electronic signs to release some government affairs information and urban propaganda films, digital signage for government agencies can beautify the image of the city and improve the grade and taste of the city.

Ⅱ. Precautions for outdoor electronic signage

1. The connection between the portable electronic signs and the building must be strictly waterproof and leak-proof. The filter screen should have good drainage measures, and once there is accumulated water, it can be discharged smoothly.

2. Install lightning protection devices on large LCD screens and buildings. The main body and shell of the outdoor electronic signage are well grounded, and the grounding resistance is less than 3, which can discharge the large current caused by lightning in time.

3. Install ventilation equipment to cool down, so that the internal temperature of the outdoor electronic signage screen is between -10~40℃. It is also possible to install an axial fan on the rear and top of the screen to dissipate heat.

4. Select industrial-grade integrated circuit chips with a working temperature between -40~80℃ to prevent outdoor electronic signs from being unable to start when the temperature is too low in winter.

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