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Virtual Digital Whiteboarding Software and Basic Knowledge

Every digital whiteboarding application is different, but there are some common features and usage methods.

Setting up the digital whiteboarding

Meeting organizers can set up the whiteboard through agendas, meeting goals, or brainstorming guidelines. Choose from templates such as project milestones, reviews, SWOT analysis, role generators, or Kanban boards. Choose from backgrounds such as a grid, lines or solid colors in classroom digital whiteboard.

Writing and drawing on the digital whiteboarding

Use a digital pen to enter text or write on the lcd white board. Some software can automatically convert handwriting to text, and sketches to graphics for easy reading, such as digital display screens for schools.

Using digital sticky notes on the whiteboarding

Replace colored squares of paper with digital sticky notes that never lose their stickiness. Write on them, circle various contents, and rearrange them just like using physical ones.

Uploading attachments to the digital whiteboard

Add images and drawings, paste URLs to insert web previews, or insert documents with interactive whiteboards for business.

Customizing the digital whiteboard

Choose the background, template, and pen color to reflect your company's brand or just to make the content visually interesting.

Collaborating on the digital whiteboard

Everyone can use digital whiteboarding in real time to add notes, documents, and sketches. If you are giving a presentation and just need attendees to listen, you can switch to read-only mode and then switch back to collaboration mode after providing explanations.

Following up on the digital whiteboard

After the meeting ends, you can continue editing the digital whiteboarding, add more participants, export the whiteboard as an image, share the whiteboard, or even print a copy for reference.

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