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Advantages and Development of Multimedia Interactive Whiteboard

Advantages of multimedia interactive whiteboard

Multimedia interactive whiteboards have outstanding advantages in presenting, processing, and storing teaching information, as well as in student-teacher participation, interaction, and collaborative teaching. 

Let Carry LCD company give you some examples.

  • Using the multimedia interactive whiteboard, the material display process can be easily controlled, allowing teachers to fully utilize body language in the classroom.

  • Technology of LCD white board can instantly, conveniently, and flexibly introduce various types of digital information resources, and can flexibly edit, organize, display, and control multimedia materials.

  • The content of the whiteboard can be saved.

  • Multimedia interactive whiteboard makes the teacher's computer operation transparent. It allows students to see clearly how the teacher operates software. This has significant implications for learning computer software applications. At the same time, electronic whiteboard software can be installed in computer labs as an auxiliary teaching tool for computer experimentation courses.

  • Multimedia interactive whiteboard makes it more convenient to access computers during the teaching process. The whiteboard system complements networks and other computer applications, prompting teachers and students to use computers together as cognitive and exploratory tools. This will undoubtedly build new ways of thinking for students to solve problems.

  • Easy to master, it is a new technology that is naturally close to teachers.

Development trend of multimedia interactive whiteboard

Currently, multimedia interactive whiteboard is developing towards intelligence.

Multimedia interactive whiteboards refer to the fact that the text or graphics written on the smart board can immediately be stored in various formats (JPG, HTML, PDF, etc.) in the computer. The smart board can automatically recognize the pen stroke color and board wiping action. The data stored in the computer can be edited and clipped to other files or applications. The speaker's on-screen operations and voice can be saved as AVI files for later playback.

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