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In the Era of Mobile Internet, Why Choose Outdoor Advertising?

In the era of information explosion, more and more advertisements are flooding people's daily life. In a noisy communication environment, a lot of advertising information is often skipped by people, and the audience's attention has gradually become a scarce resource pursued by major advertisers.

How people perceive a brand from "see" to "watching" and then to "arriving" has become an issue that has attracted much attention.

With the development and changes of technology, various new media have emerged in recent years, and the forms of advertising have also been changing. However, outdoor advertising still wins the choice and favor of many businesses and brands, and plays a pivotal role. The emergence of the mobile Internet and smart phones has provided solutions for consumer needs that arise anytime and anywhere.

The combination of scenes and mobile Internet has given outdoor standing lcd display and lcd poster more room for development. So why choose outdoor advertising screen?

1. The pure advertising nature of the outdoor advertising screen has a high arrival rate

Different from other media, outdoor lcd advertising display does not rely on the induction of other information to realize the dissemination of advertising information, and the audience will not be disturbed by other information, and can directly receive advertising information in an instant.

The advertisements placed on outdoor advertising screens have irresistible contact. You don't necessarily need to actively touch a certain carrier like turning on the TV, opening newspapers and magazines, or logging on to the website to see the advertisements. You only need to walk on the street to see them. Outdoor advertising, which greatly improves the arrival rate of advertising information.

2. The visual impact of the outdoor advertising screen is strong

Unlike TV and Internet advertisements that only exist on small screens, outdoor advertisements often have larger screens and can mobilize various content expressions, which have huge advantages in content display.

Especially those wall mounted outdoor digital signage installed on the walls of large shopping malls, CBD centers, etc., are in obvious contrast with the surrounding crowds and traffic. Even if they are far away, they can catch people's attention immediately and bring To a strong visual impact and shock.

3. The outdoor advertising screen has a long release period and continuous exposure

Unlike television and radio advertisements, which are limited in duration and fleeting, outdoor advertisements are basically released continuously and steadily around the clock.

Outdoor advertising silently affects the audience's memory of the advertising content when the audience is repeatedly contacted passively or actively.

4. Outdoor advertising screens are more likely to be trusted and accepted

Outdoor advertising can make better use of the blank psychology that often occurs in public places when people are free, making it easier for people to accept advertisements.

Compared with advertisements of varying quality on the Internet, compliant and legal offline outdoor advertisements are closer to people and more willing to trust, so they are accepted.