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How to Use Electronic Whiteboard Effectively in Teaching Class?

In the classroom, you can use the electronic software provided by the electronic whiteboard for online teaching to mark and explain the original courseware with handwriting of different colors and pen types. You can also write, draw, insert videos on it as you like, edit pictures, change background images and colors, zoom in and out, and more. With so many functions, you can improve the teaching efficiency and at the same time increase the students' interest in the course content.

However, since many teachers, especially older educators, are not used to teaching with this kind of multimedia equipment, there may be some difficulties in operation. Therefore, it is necessary to collectively organize teacher training to use interactive board for online teaching. In addition, teachers should also discuss, discuss and exchange the experience of using electronic whiteboard with each other.

Now, we will share some of our experience in using the interactive electronic whiteboard at ordinary times. We hope that everyone can learn from each other and jointly improve the application level of the interactive electronic whiteboard.

1. Learn to make self-made electronic whiteboard for online teaching courseware

One of the most important performance characteristics of electronic whiteboard is the interactivity of its electronic courseware. Therefore, we need to change the production method of traditional PPT electronic courseware and make comprehensive use of all resources, including the teaching resource library and network resources provided by the electronic whiteboard software. In addition, the use of PPT courseware with pictures and texts, plus animation videos, etc., enriches our teaching electronic courseware.

In order to make electronic whiteboard serve our classroom teaching better, we need to be able to design some courseware according to the course to help us break through some difficult teaching points. Therefore, how to make good use of the indoor digital signage displays and how to make rich electronic courseware is the first step for us to use the teaching electronic whiteboard.

2. Use the toolbar of interactive board for online teaching skillfully

After opening the menu from the Start button, we see that there are options for blackout, spotlight, etc. Screen blocking and spotlights are some special functions of electronic whiteboard. By combining these functions with laser pointers and highlighters, we can more effectively highlight key points in the courseware and leave a deep impression on students.

3. Use magnifying glass to cultivate students' observation quality

The teacher's physical demonstration cannot make all students realize the attention points of observation. The electronic whiteboard is especially suitable for teaching content that cannot be displayed by the whole class, but needs to be seen by the whole class.

You can scale, delete, clone, etc. on multiple objects by selecting them in sequence, but don't repeat similar operations on one object at a time. Teachers can write, draw, circle, point and other operations on it as they wish during the demonstration call process, and can also change the background image and color at any time, zoom in and out of the screen, and so on.

4. Make good use of the cancel button of the interactive board for online teaching

Many teachers will inevitably make mistakes in their annotations or writing on the blackboard. We have found that the more common practice is for teachers to use erasure (area erasure or point erasure). This operation requires us to click the eraser first, then click the area to erase or click to erase. After erasing the wrong pen, click the pen we used before (hard pen, soft pen, highlighter, laser pen) to continue writing. This requires several procedures.

With the undo key, it will be faster. Compared with the use of the clear tool, the undo key greatly saves the time of erasing the blackboard, and can also perform selective one-time clearing, such as: demo clearing the annotation layer, clearing the object layer, etc.

5. Make good use of the soft pen of the interactive board for online teaching

The smart pen of electronic whiteboard provides a simple and effective drawing function for inputting common geometric figures. It not only guarantees the rigor of teaching, but also is a very good tool.

Our teachers often criticize students for not drawing with rulers and compasses. As everyone knows, students are often influenced by teachers and draw with their hands. With a smart pen, it will naturally give students a correct orientation, making writing on the blackboard more standardized, rigorous and beautiful. The interactive board for online teaching also comes with a pointer and soft pens in different colors.