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Do You Know How Many Purposes Digital Signage Serves?

In contemporary society, LCD digital signages are widely used. Next, we will introduce to you which common scenes are used for digital signages?

LCD digital signage used in the hospital industry:

Through digital signages, medical institutions can broadcast medical, registration, hospitalization and other information. In addition, digital sign solutions can be used to enable medical and patient interaction, provide map guidance, entertainment news and other content services, which can not only optimize the medical process but also help reduce the anxiety and panic of patients.

LCD digital signage used in the retail chain industry:

Through digital signages, you can help timely release new guidance, product and promotion information. The rich display functions and bright colors of the digital signage can enhance the shopping experience of customers, help optimize the information release process, and increase the sales performance of retail users.

LCD digital signage used in the hotel industry:

Digital sigange displays can also display information in hotel public areas, providing customers with hotel service information. Additional: hotel maps, room usage, cuisine promotion, promotional activities and other information content.

In addition, when there is a need for portable LCD digital signage, it can also be based on the hotel's original system to develop relevant hotel operation support, adding hotel automatic registration and check-in services.

LCD digital signage used in the financial industry:

With digital signages, financial institutions promote their brand image and business. Customers use digital signages to play benchmark interest rates and other financial information, show and introduce bank business and activity notifications, play unified corporate culture and image promotional videos, etc.

At the same time, the digital signage can also achieve more system functions by integrating resources, such as queuing calls, touch screen lcd digital signage, multimedia terminals, etc., with unified information management. No matter how far apart the financial institutions are, they can be remotely controlled and managed, bringing considerable economic benefits to the financial industry, such as cctv control room video wall.

LCD digital signage used in the transportation industry:

With digital signages, customers can get timely updates and publish new timetables and other transportation information. In addition, customers can also enhance additional display functions, add scrolling entertainment clips, or play sports, entertainment and other news programs to provide entertainment for waiting passengers and pass the time. For the characteristics of large crowds at stations, airports, etc., customers can also play a variety of product advertising to increase economic benefits for businesses.