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What is Interactive Electronic Whiteboard?

What is an interactive electronic whiteboard?

An interactive electronic whiteboard is a popular tool used by many teachers for teaching as well as in meetings for communication. It can communicate with a computer and display data by connecting to the computer. The electronic whiteboard can project the data onto a screen for viewing.

With powerful technical support, it has a high definition, high resolution large screen, and can be used in interactive collaboration meetings or teaching environments, making the office and classroom more lively. The reason why the digital display screens for schools can have these functions is due to the electronic whiteboard solution.

Applications of the interactive electronic whiteboard

The interactive electronic whiteboard is a touch-enabled LCD white board mainly used in large multimedia classrooms such as classrooms and meeting rooms. It is called interactive because it interacts with the machine through touch function, which speeds up its development process, especially in multimedia classrooms (replacing projector screens).

The interactive electronic whiteboard is a modern digital sigange displays for teaching that combines projectors, wall-mounted teaching machines (or computers) and human-computer interaction. It is widely used in teaching, conferences, training, etc. There are different types of electronic whiteboards available including original handwriting electronic whiteboards, optical electronic whiteboards, infrared electronic whiteboards, electromagnetic electronic whiteboards, etc. According to the situations, we have digital screen board for teaching and interactive whiteboards for business.

The function of an interactive electronic whiteboard is to manipulate a computer connected to it through touchscreen. The projector projects the computer’s screen image onto the electronic whiteboard, and the user can manipulate the computer by touching the electronic whiteboard surface.

The multimedia interactive whiteboard can communicate with a computer, connect to the computer, and display the content on the electronic whiteboard screen using a projector, and with the support of a specific application program, a large-screen interactive collaborative meeting or teaching environment can be constructed.

With the use of specific location pens instead of a mouse, any application program can be run on the whiteboard, and files can be edited, annotated, saved, and any operation that can be performed using a keyboard and mouse on a computer can also be achieved.

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